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JUST Launches Support Program to Help Consumers Replace Animal Products in Their Diet

Just is making vegan headlines regularly with its global drive to replace eggs. The company has raised a total of $220M in funding over 7 rounds to date, according to Crunchbase. After disrupting the egg industry in North America, there is now a huge interest in Europe and Asia for this sustainable and affordable plantbased egg.

April the 22nd was the 50th International Earth Day and most of the world was on lockdown in their homes. The pandemic has helped shed light on the dark reaches of the animal agriculture industry and people around the world are beginning to understand that our food system is not sustainable.

Now formally known as Eat Just Inc, the company has responded by launching a program the day after Earth Day – April 23rd, “as this is when the work really begins… And if now is not the time to rethink our relationship with the planet, then when would it be?”

JUSTEgg Toast
Image supplied by JUST Eat

#EarthEveryDay is aimed at those still eating animal products and is supporting them to make changes to every meal. Statista recently reported that 63% of North American millennials are interested in a flexitarian diet, so this has the potential to make a large impact.

The #EarthEveryDay program utilizes social media and consists of zero waste recipes, videos and support available on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Eat Just Inc states: “We have a long way to go, it’s going to take a lot more of us to get there, and we won’t be the only solution. But we are committed to building a more just food system – for you and the planet. And it begins with breakfast.”

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