rePurpose Joins with 20 Plant-Based Brands to Offset Millions of Pounds of Plastic Waste

rePurpose Global, a global platform for reducing plastic waste, reveals it has partnered with twenty plant-based brands to take immediate action on the plastic pollution crisis. Brands including No Evil Foods, The Very Good Butchers, Outstanding Foods, V-Dog and more are coming together to remove the equivalent of 27 million plastic bags, or 3 million plastic bottles, from nature every year.

Rewarding plastic reduction

To accomplish this goal, all of the partnering companies are actively reducing the amount of plastic used in their packaging and supply chains while financing rePurpose’s social enterprises, which provide income for waste workers recovering nature-bound plastics.

rePurpose also awards Plastic Negative Certification to brands who ambitiously commit to decreasing plastic in their supply chains, and work to eliminate at least twice as much plastic waste as they produce. In 2020, No Evil Foods became the first plant-based meat company to earn the certification. The food brand also funds workers who recover low-value plastic waste through rePurpose’s Anant Pranay project in Aurangabad, India.

No Evil Foods Best Life Beef Strips
©No Evil Foods

A lighter footprint

According to rePurpose, product packaging is a top contributor to plastic pollution, generating approximately 141 million tons of waste per year.

“Many of our members are mission-driven and want to use their businesses to have a positive impact on our planet,” comments Sabina Vyas, Senior Director of Impact Strategies at Plant-Based Foods Association (PDFA). “They are already doing an incredible job to help consumers lighten their footprint by making delicious plant-based foods and sustainable packaging solutions are at the forefront for our membership.”

Repurpose Global India
©rePurpose Global

“A plastic epidemic”

To date, 230 brands in 26 countries, including Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Clorox, are working with rePurpose to effectively measure and offset their plastic footprints. 

“We are living in a plastic epidemic, where there is no single solution. Now more than ever, there is a critical need for like-minded brands to come together and use their collective strength to help tackle plastic pollution head-on,” stated Peter Wang Hjemdahl, Chief Advocacy Officer and Co-Founder of rePurpose Global. 

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