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New Study Shows 71% of Americans are Purchasing, Thinking About Plant-Based Products and Packaging

A new study conducted by The Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) shows strong consumer awareness and interest in plant-derived products made from renewable materials such as hemp, soy and corn. The findings also show consumers hold more favorable attitudes toward the companies, farmers and policymakers actively involved in sustainability efforts. 

“Awareness has been one of our biggest hurdles as an industry – this year’s findings show that we are overcoming that”

Among the report’s most significant findings, 71% of American consumers say they consciously think about packaging and products made with plant-based materials when they shop. Consumers also cited recyclability, composability, and the environment as primary motivations for purchasing a plant-made product, while 21% cited inaccessible waste disposable as the top deterrent for purchasing such items.

As the 2022 midterms approach, 66% of consumers favor voting for a candidate who has shown support for sustainability initiatives related to energy, agriculture, plastic alternatives and other environmental concerns. 

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Surge in sustainability 

The report’s other major findings show:  

  • 88% of consumers said they are likely to purchase products and materials made from plants in the next three months. 
  • 61% of consumers say they would be more interested in a company if it was using products and materials made from plants.
  • Only 5% of consumers who have purchased products and materials made from plants said they are not interested in purchasing again.

With regards to current products on the market, results reveal over 80% of consumers are interested in purchasing a variety of goods made from plants, including disposable food service ware, personal care products, single-use plastic bags, household textiles, and clothing.  

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Meeting the demand

“This year’s consumer research findings really underscore that the majority of American consumers are thinking about, buying, and using plant-based products,” says PBPC Executive Director Jessica Bowman. “Awareness has been one of our biggest hurdles as an industry – this year’s findings show that we are overcoming that. We expect consumers’ growing demand to continue and PBPC is focused on ensuring our state and federal-level policies allow the plant-based products industry to tap into its full potential and meet that demand.”

The public results from the 2022 study can be viewed here.

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