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All UK Aviation Emissions Could Be Offset with Pea Protein Swap Just 2X a Week

New data analysis from German plant-based startup GREENFORCE has revealed yet another positive impact of a shift towards plant-based diets in the fight against climate change. By swapping to foods derived from pea protein instead of beef just twice a week, the company claims the UK could offset the equivalent of all its aviation emissions. 

“Just by switching a few meals a week to plant-based options, we can make a hugely beneficial impact” – Patrik Baboumian

The findings show how the UK could save 2.4 million (67,257,008 tonnes of CO2e) metric tonnes of methane emissions per year if the average person switches two beef meals per week to pea protein, according to GREENFORCE. The company’s analysis shows how pea protein boasts a virtually non-existent methane footprint when compared to animal products, particularly beef and lamb. 


GREENFORCE – which recently launched the world’s most sustainable sausage – is backed by German soccer star Thomas Müller, and endorsed by world record-breaking vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian. Baboumian has called for a new public shift towards plant-based meals to prevent irreversible global warming, backed up by a recent Changing Markets Foundation report warning that the EU cannot meet methane goals without curbing livestock numbers. GREENFORCE has recently launched in the UK via its webshop for consumers and catering businesses. 

“We have an excellent opportunity to combat global warming and make big savings in our greenhouse gas footprints, as well as our land and water footprints by altering our food choices away from meat, particularly beef. Just by switching a few meals a week to plant-based options, we can make a hugely beneficial impact for our climate and help preserve our land, soils and water systems,” stated GREENFORCE ambassador Baboumian.

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