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“We’re Facing a Multi Billion-Dollar Opportunity for Australia to Become a Global Plant-Protein Powerhouse”

The plant-based meat sector is set to expand massively in Australia, creating substantial growth for crop farmers according to a new report by Food Frontier titled ‘Meat the alternative: Australia’s $3 billion opportunity’, which finds that plant-based industry will generate $3 billion for the Australian economy by 2030.


No Saints

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Fashion, Design & Beauty

No Saints: Innovative New Vegan Footwear From Australia

No Saints is a new Australian footwear company that is out to buck the status quo, offering unisex shoes that are better for animals, people and the planet. Launching today, the brand is committed to being at the forefront of technology and is constantly on the lookout for new vegan materials, such as pineapple leather and apple leather, which support the company ethos.


Jenny and Kevin Flanagan

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Dairy-Free Down Under: “We Have Grown Tenfold Reflecting the Demand”

Good cheese doesn’t depend upon dairy milk as a resource, and this is demonstrated by “Dairy-Free Down Under” – an innovative and family-owned company from Australia who produce cheese alternatives on premium ingredients like cashews, to ensure finest quality. With their gluten-free, GMO free and non-dairy products, they also have huge plans for expanding around the world, as they told us in our exclusive interview.