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TCHO Converts Entire Product Line to Dairy-Free Chocolate

Craft chocolate brand TCHO announces it has completed its transition to a fully plant-based product line, ceasing its last production of conventional milk chocolate in September. The company first revealed plans to make its entire range dairy-free by 2023 last year, and says it has now achieved that goal ahead of schedule. TCHO already released its first plant-based retail chocolate bars and home baking chocolates in late 2021. To reformulate its professional baking line without dairy, TCHO says it worked closely with a network of chefs and baking professionals to evaluate new formulas. Once the formulas satisfied expectations, TCHO released two new alternatives: Oat My Gawd 46%, an oat milk-based chocolate that replaces its dark milk chocolate, and Choco Blanco, the brand’s first white chocolate.  …


Cacao-free chocolate bars

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WNWN Launches Vegan Version of Daim Bar, the ‘All-Free’ Waim! Bar

WNWN Food Labs, a London-based maker of cocoa-free chocolate, will launch a limited release of its new chocolate Waim! bar, an ‘all-free’ version of the iconic European candy Daim bar.  WNWN’s Waim! bar is dairy-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, caffeine free, and vegan. “Our new bar is our take on an iconic European candy bar, but without the catastrophic impact on people and the planet,” the company states.  Early this year, WNWN launched a bean-free vegan chocolate claiming it was the first of its kind to arrive on the market. CEO and co-founder Ahrum Pak, commented: “Our chocolate habit is contributing to deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, CO2 emissions, child slavery, and unfair trade practices.”  How is cacao-free chocolate possible? For centuries, powdered carob pods have been …



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Sprüngli Launches Vegan Praline Chocolates with Cocoa Fruit Juice

Swiss chocolatier Sprüngli presents new vegan pralines in the form of bâtons made from three Grand Cru fine chocolate combined with fresh cocoa fruit juice. Two years ago, the company created the first Swiss Grand Cru chocolate made from 100% cocoa fruit, consisting of two ingredients: fine cocoa beans from Bolivia, and fresh cocoa fruit juice. With the new launch which debuts this September, Sprüngli once again uses fresh cocoa fruit juice in combination with fine cocoas from Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. Bâtons Grand Cru Maracaibo Bâtons with a ganache made from Grand Cru Maracaibo 65%. The cocoa originates from Venezuela and offers an intense cocoa flavour with coffee and plum aromas. Bâtons Grand Cru Arriba Bâtons with a ganache made from Grand Cru Arriba …


Rimi & Manav Thapar LoveRaw

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LoveRaw: “We Believe in Our Strong Brand Identity, We Stand Head and Shoulders Above Our Competitors”

UK vegan chocolate pioneer LoveRaw has been reinventing confectionery since 2013, and along the way, founders Manav and Rimi Thapar have rejected offers on Dragons Den, developed multiple innovative products and sold millions of units in both mainstream and independent retail, gaining a loyal following from non-vegans, vegans and “nonvegan vegans” as coined by the entrepreneur couple. After the phenomenal success of the Ferrero Rocher-style “Nutty Chocolate Balls” which launched this June and sold a quarter of a million in just three weeks, LoveRaw today launched the Caramelised Biscuit Cre&m Wafer just six weeks later. Is there no stopping this vegan power couple? It was time to catch up with Rimi and Manav again to find out. What have been LoveRaw’s biggest developments since our …


vegan chocolate by kyoot

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Premium Belgian Chocolate Manufacturer Kyoot Introduces Raspberry Pink Pepper Chocolate For Gen Z

Premium Belgian chocolate manufacturer Kyoot recently launched its new Vegan Raspberry Pink Pepper Chocolate targeted toward health-conscious Gen Z customers. Kyoot is on a mission to make next-level vegan chocolate for next-generation snackers. Not even a year after launching, Kyoot was awarded the Soho Chance Award in the Consumer Food and Drink category and stocked across London’s concept stores, newsagents, and gourmet grocers. Kyoot was founded by British-Lebanese Noor Freiha, a former chemical engineer who searched for a better-for-you bar that didn’t compromise on flavour. Today, the company’s bars are carefully crafted by world-class chocolatiers in Belgium, with the notion of making chocolate a fun experience, while committing to all-natural ingredients and sustainability. The high-quality chocolate range, which features ethically grown organic cacao by small-scale …


Dream Pops Chocolate Bites

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Dream Pops Enters $52.6B Confections Market with Launch of “Indulgent” Dream Pops Crunch

Frozen novelty pioneer Dream Pops announces its first shelf-stable offering, Dream Pops Crunch, is debuting DTC on the brand’s website on Friday, July 15th. Available in six flavors, the chocolate-coated, plant-based confections will also launch through Amazon and select retailers in September, before a larger-scale rollout to 2,000 retail stores in 2022.  Known for its low-calorie, better-for-you ice creams, Dream Pops says it seeks to become a category leader and challenge incumbent “Big Candy” brands with healthier takes on classic favorites. With six flavors – Berry Dreams, Vanilla Sky, Birthday Cake, Banana Cream, Mint Chip, and Cookie Dough – Dream Pops Crunch offers consumers a new sweet snacking experience without any dairy, gluten, soy or artificial ingredients. Each 3.0 oz pouch will retail for $5.99 …


Mars Perfect Day Chocolate

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Mars Partners with Perfect Day to Launch First Animal-Free Milk Chocolate

Confectionery leader Mars, Inc. is joining with startup Perfect Day to launch the company’s first animal-free chocolate innovation in the US. Made with Perfect Day’s nature-identical dairy protein, the new CO2COA chocolate provides consumers with silky smooth, lactose-free chocolate that is also earth-friendly.  An eco-chocolate experience CO2COA joins Mars’ iconic family of snacks and treats, including M&M’S, Snickers, Skittles, and Extra Gum. The CO2COA name is inspired by sustainability, which pays homage to the reduction of CO2 greenhouse gases and the sourcing of Rainforest Alliance-Certified cocoa. In addition to being lactose- and cholesterol-free, the chocolate is wrapped in paper-based packaging.  “At Mars, we bring our consumer-passion to innovation, developing on-trend innovations that support a world where both people and the planet thrive,” said Chris Rowe, …


Lindt OatMilk Bars

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Lindt Vegan Classic Awarded Best Vegan Chocolate in PETA Vegan Food Awards

The jury of the PETA Vegan Food Award has awarded the Lindt Vegan Classic as the best vegan chocolate. Decisive factors for the award of the coveted prize include clear vegan labelling, innovation, expansion of the product range, and above all – taste. Harald Ullmann, co-founder and 2nd Chairman of PETA Germany, commented: “With its Vegan Classic oat drink chocolate, Lindt shows in exemplary fashion that enjoyable and purely plant-based taste creations are possible at any time. A vegan diet is good for animals, people and the environment. PETA congratulates it on winning the 2022 Vegan Food Awards in the ‘Best Vegan Chocolate’ category.” “We are very proud to win this title again with Lindt. The fact that our last year’s PETA Vegan Award is …


WNWN alt chocolate

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WNWN Launches Cacao-Free Vegan Alt Chocolate

WNWN Food Labs, a UK food tech startup, has launched what it claims is the world’s first alt chocolate of its kind. Made using plant-based fermentation techniques, the new alt chocolate is cacao-free, child and slave labor-free, deforestation-free, palm oil-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free, and theobromine-free – so it will not make your dog sick.  Also boasting 80% less CO2 emissions and lower sugar than conventional chocolate, WNWN – pronounced “win-win” – has developed its proprietary fermentation process to transform sustainable plant-based ingredients into alt chocolate that the company claims tastes and melts like conventional chocolate. WNWN opts for British barley and carob for the base of its cacao-free chocolate,  developed with an in-house chocolatier. WNWN also plans to explore how other foods can be future-proofed from …


chocbar-caramel-peanut Veganz

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Veganz Launches Climate Friendly Organic Choc Bar Peanut Caramel

Veganz, based in Berlin, announces new product launch vegan Choc Bar Peanut Caramel, saying it has “successfully managed the technical challenge of creating creamy caramel without the need for butter”. Veganz was founded as the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe and now produces a wide range of own-brand products encompassing biscuits and snacks, cheese alternatives, plant-based fish and seafood, vegan meat and sausages, and ready meals. In October of last year, the company announced its plans to go public, and in January of this year Veganz signed an exclusive agreement with global food service provider Aramark. Throughout 2021 the company launched into Greek supermarket chain AB (Alfa-Beta) and rolled out its popular frozen pizzas into Woolworths Australia and Drakes Australia, having already become established …


H!P & Love Cocoa

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H!P & Love Cocoa Host London Pop-Up for Plant-Based Chocolate

H!P Chocolate and Love Cocoa, two of the UK’s leading vegan and ethical chocolate brands, are hosting a pop-up store starting today (Thursday 7th April) in London. Both brands were founded by James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of the original Mr. Cadbury. The pop-up store will celebrate a series of milestones for the growing brands. Plant-based chocolate specialist H!P Chocolate is now one year old and has sold over 1 million vegan oat milk chocolate bars to date. The brand, which stands for Happiness in Plants, is also launching a new product into the growing UK vegan chocolate market; the Salted Caramel Oat Milk Chocolate Egg.  This follows the release of the H!P Salted Honeycomb Bar to its oat milk chocolate line-up, with the “Crunchie-esque” …


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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Blue Horizon Invests in California Cultured and the Future of Chocolate

Blue Horizon announces an investment in California Cultured, the cell cultivated chocolate leader. The move represents Blue Horizon’s first investment in plant cell culture, with California Cultured’s pioneering cellular agriculture tech set to revolutionize the chocolate industry.  Based in Davis, California Cultured is making waves in the industry as it develops its products which could disrupt the destructive and unethical chocolate industry, which relies on a fragile cocoa supply chain. Similar to cultivated meat, plant cell culture allows the growth of authentic cocoa cells in bioreactors without the need for genetic modification. The company is currently working on scaling its cultured chocolate production.  Blue Horizon has made previous investments in the sustainable chocolate industry in companies such as Love Raw. To date, Blue Horizon has …


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CULT Invests in California Cultured, Pioneer of Cell-Cultivated Chocolate

CULT Food Science Corp has further diversified its cell-based food portfolio via a strategic investment into cultured chocolate leader California Cultured Inc. The sustainable and ethical chocolate manufacturer is using cellular agriculture to counteract global deforestation and child labor in the cocoa industry.  CULT Food joins Jim Mellon’s Agronomics Limited in backing California Cultured alongside other prominent investors in the cellular agriculture industry. Based in Davis, California, the chocolate producer uses cell culture technology to produce products like cocoa powder, chocolate, and cocoa butter with high ethical and sustainability standards. California Cultured selects cacao varieties with suitable organoleptic properties, taking a handful of cells and keeping them growing infinitely, from which real cocoa can be grown, harvested, and fermented in the startup’s bio tanks. The …


Fellow Creatures chocolate

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Fellow Creatures Becomes B Corp Certified, Aims to Become UK’s Leading Vegan Chocolate Brand

Fast-growing ethical plant-based chocolate brand Fellow Creatures announces it has become the fifth UK-based chocolate company to become B-corp certified, committing to paying 60% over the industry average for cocoa and working only with fair trade cocoa collaboratives in Ghana. Fellow Creatures joins a growing list of companies prioritising planet over profit, along with brands such as fellow Scots Beauty Kitchen and The Vegan Kind, vegan pet food producer Yarrah, nut butter producer Pip & Nut, and vegan delivery service allplants to name a few. Last October, Fellow Creatures raised £450,000 investment and secured listings with WH Smith and Sainsbury’s across the UK for its coconut-based products which are free from palm oil. Founder Zsolt Stefkovics, originally hailing from a dairy farming family, commented: “With …


HiP Honeycomb vegan chocolate


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Honeycomb Without the Bee! James Cadbury’s H!P Launches Oat-Based Salted Honeycomb Bar

H!P (Happiness in Plants) has added the H!P Salted Honeycomb Bar to its oat milk chocolate line-up. The “Crunchie-esque” bar features an innovative vegan honeycomb and the brand’s signature dairy-free milk chocolate. H!P is the brainchild of James Cadbury, great-great-great-grandson of John Cadbury, who said to vegconomist today: “Fact. The honeycomb inside our Salted Honeycomb doesn’t actually contain honey! We’ve created honeycomb from melted sugar, which is then mixed with bicarbonate of soda to help it ‘fizz up’ and create the delicious crunchy pieces you’ll find inside the bar, making it completely vegan friendly.” Vegan milk chocolate H!P has sold over 1 million bars since launching in March 2021, having unlocked the secret to creamy, plant-based milk chocolate. The UK brand currently offers four oat-based milk chocolate flavors: …