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Seminal Biosciences Develops Cocoa Butter Without Cacao Beans

After two years in stealth mode, San Diego-based company Seminal Biosciences has emerged with a prototype for cocoa butter made without cacao beans. Seminal uses precision fermentation to produce cocoa butter which it claims has the same properties as the conventional kind. The product has already been successfully used to make dark chocolate. Seminal’s innovation has the potential to address the numerous issues associated with the chocolate industry, including slavery, child labour, and deforestation. The company will now focus on refining the prototype and scaling production, aiming for market introduction in early 2024. Alt chocolate Seminal Biosciences is not the only company working to make the chocolate industry more ethical and sustainable. California Cultured is using plant cell culture to grow authentic cocoa cells in …


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The Vegan Kind Adds Luxury Chocolate Bars to Own-Brand Love Plants Range

UK’s Popular online vegan retailer The Vegan Kind has expanded its own-label Love Plants range with three new chocolate bars. The luxury bars aim to “make vegan chocolate more indulgent”, offering an alternative to dark chocolate. They are said to have a smooth, creamy texture and are garnished with crunchy toppings. The flavours are: Dark with Orange Cocoa Nibs and Cinder Toffee — Colombian dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa solids, combined with orange oil, cacao nibs, and vegan honeycomb. Oat M!lk Bar — Oat milk chocolate with at least 46.5% cocoa solids, topped with vegan puffed caramel and sea salt flakes. Blonde with Raspberry and Crunchy Caramel — Vegan white chocolate with a minimum of 37% cocoa solids, topped with dried raspberry and …


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Products & Launches

Callebaut’s Plant-Based Chocolate NXT for Chefs and Artisans Arrives in Saudi Arabia

Callebaut, the Belgian gourmet chocolate division of The Barry Callebaut Group, recently launched its plant-based chocolate ‘Callebaut NXT’ in Saudi Arabia. NXT is a 100% plant-based, dark and ‘milk’ chocolate line specially curated for chefs and artisans. According to research by Barry Callebaut, plant-based chocolate is showing a rapid growth in interest, especially among young people. Across the Middle East, plant-based food demand is rising, including desserts which have tremendous importance in the food culture. Callebaut’s NXT has reinvented Belgian gourmet chocolate to make vegan, plant-based, allergen-free, and planet-friendly desserts and chocolates made worldwide. NXT chocolate creations in Riyadh As part of its market launch strategy in Saudi Arabia, Callebaut held an event at the Marriot Hotel in Riyadh to demonstrate NXT’s wide range of possibilities. …


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Company News

TCHO Converts Entire Product Line to Dairy-Free Chocolate

Craft chocolate brand TCHO announces it has completed its transition to a fully plant-based product line, ceasing its last production of conventional milk chocolate in September. The company first revealed plans to make its entire range dairy-free by 2023 last year, and says it has now achieved that goal ahead of schedule. TCHO already released its first plant-based retail chocolate bars and home baking chocolates in late 2021. To reformulate its professional baking line without dairy, TCHO says it worked closely with a network of chefs and baking professionals to evaluate new formulas. Once the formulas satisfied expectations, TCHO released two new alternatives: Oat My Gawd 46%, an oat milk-based chocolate that replaces its dark milk chocolate, and Choco Blanco, the brand’s first white chocolate.  …


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WNWN Launches Vegan Version of Daim Bar, the ‘All-Free’ Waim! Bar

WNWN Food Labs, a London-based maker of cocoa-free chocolate, will launch a limited release of its new chocolate Waim! bar, an ‘all-free’ version of the iconic European candy Daim bar.  WNWN’s Waim! bar is dairy-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, caffeine free, and vegan. “Our new bar is our take on an iconic European candy bar, but without the catastrophic impact on people and the planet,” the company states.  Early this year, WNWN launched a bean-free vegan chocolate claiming it was the first of its kind to arrive on the market. CEO and co-founder Ahrum Pak, commented: “Our chocolate habit is contributing to deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, CO2 emissions, child slavery, and unfair trade practices.”  How is cacao-free chocolate possible? For centuries, powdered carob pods have been …


Terry's Chocolate Orange Plant Based Bar

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Terry’s Chocolate Orange Launches Vegan Society-Certified Plant-Based Bar

UK brand Terry’s Chocolate Orange has launched a plant-based version of its popular milk chocolate bar. The bar has been certified by The Vegan Society, confirming that the ingredients and production process are free of animal exploitation. It also comes in fully recyclable packaging. After conducting extensive R&D to get the closest possible taste to the original bar, Terry’s settled on rice syrup as a replacement for dairy. Real orange oil gives the chocolate the brand’s classic flavour. “We want Terry’s to be accessible to as many people as possible, so launching a plant-based Terry’s bar was a must for us,” said Victoria MacDonald, Brand Manager at Terry’s Chocolate Orange. “We absolutely did not want to compromise on taste, and after months of development, we …


La Vida Vegan hazelnut spread

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Fairs & Events

Brinkers Presents New Chocolate Spreads at SIAL Paris 2022

Family-owned company Brinkers Food will be attending SIAL Paris 2022 to exhibit its new developments and trends in the chocolate spread category and will compete for the SIAL Innovation Award with a selection of its new products. Brinkers is a certified organic producer of high-quality chocolate spreads. The company is based in the Netherlands and started its spread journey more than 130 years ago with a margarine substitute. SIAL (Salon International de l’alimentation) is an international food innovation exhibition taking place in Paris for five days from the 15th to the 19th of October. With 7,200 exhibitors and 200 countries represented, visitors can discover the latest trends and innovations in the food industry. The event also holds the SIAL Innovation competition, which rewards the best …




Products & Launches

Vegan KitKat Success in UK Leads to European Launch

Nestlé has announced the launch of its KitKat V, a vegan version of the iconic chocolate bar, in 15 European countries. The decision to expand follows a test in the UK that confirmed that the product was a hit. Louise Barrett, Head of the Nestlé Confectionery Product Technology Center in New York, commented on the launch: “Last year, we decided to produce KitKat V in our R&D production facilities to bring the product to the shelves much faster and test with our consumers. The response from consumers was overwhelming, and we are now excited to launch it at a much wider scale.” Nestlé’s confectionery site in Hamburg will be responsible for making KitKat V for Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, …



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Sprüngli Launches Vegan Praline Chocolates with Cocoa Fruit Juice

Swiss chocolatier Sprüngli presents new vegan pralines in the form of bâtons made from three Grand Cru fine chocolate combined with fresh cocoa fruit juice. Two years ago, the company created the first Swiss Grand Cru chocolate made from 100% cocoa fruit, consisting of two ingredients: fine cocoa beans from Bolivia, and fresh cocoa fruit juice. With the new launch which debuts this September, Sprüngli once again uses fresh cocoa fruit juice in combination with fine cocoas from Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. Bâtons Grand Cru Maracaibo Bâtons with a ganache made from Grand Cru Maracaibo 65%. The cocoa originates from Venezuela and offers an intense cocoa flavour with coffee and plum aromas. Bâtons Grand Cru Arriba Bâtons with a ganache made from Grand Cru Arriba …


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Products & Launches

Co-op UK Launches Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Bar With Fairtrade Cocoa

UK supermarket chain Co-op has launched a vegan hazelnut chocolate bar. Called the GRO Gianduja Chocolate Bar, it is made with 100% Fairtrade Peruvian cocoa. Last year, Co-op slashed the price of its GRO range, saying that the price disparity between conventional and plant-based foods was “unfair” and that it shouldn’t cost more to buy vegan food. In line with this, the new chocolate bar costs just £1. “We’re excited to be launching our first ever GRO vegan chocolate bar which has been a year in the making to get the flavour and texture just right,” Co-op Product Developer Emily Haworth told Cheshire Live. “As a convenience retailer, we’re always looking at ways to extend our vegan range with delicious products that don’t compromise on …


almond drinks by MALK Organics

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Retail & E-Commerce

Clean Label MALK Organics Announces New Chocolate Oat & Retail Expansion

Founded in 2015, the on-trend brand MALK Organics claims it prides itself on “leading the charge for cleaner products in the plant-based milk category”. This week the Austin Texas producer announces the launch of its new Chocolate Oat variety as well as significant distribution expansion. Known for its clean label, cold-pressed almond and oat milks containing only 3-5 simple ingredients with no glyphosates, gums, fillers, or oils, MALK’s existing products include Unsweetened Almond, Vanilla Almond, Original Oat, and Vanilla Oat. MALK tapped into the burgeoning nut milk trend in its early days and its portfolio has been available in Kroger, Whole Foods and HEB since 2018. A year later the Texan team launched a MALK Creamer line exclusively into Whole Foods Markets, created with gluten-free organic …



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Panda Launches Vegan Chocolate Coated Liquorice in UK

As plant-based confectionery continues to thrive globally, Panda Liquorice is set to launch a new vegan chocolate-coated liquorice product in health food stores from September. Founded in Finland in 1927 where it continues to be the largest liquorice brand on the market, Panda sells Original, Strawberry and Raspberry liquorice, now to be joined by the chocolate flavour, created with rice milk which creates a creamy taste and texture. Panda is a portfolio brand of Orkla, which has been expanding its vegan offerings since 2018. Last year, Orkla formed the Orkla Alternative Proteins (OAP) unit, stating its intention to become a leading alt protein player by 2030, and in the same month led a funding round for cultured pet food producer Because, Animals. Says Lisa Gawthorne, …


Rimi & Manav Thapar LoveRaw

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LoveRaw: “We Believe in Our Strong Brand Identity, We Stand Head and Shoulders Above Our Competitors”

UK vegan chocolate pioneer LoveRaw has been reinventing confectionery since 2013, and along the way, founders Manav and Rimi Thapar have rejected offers on Dragons Den, developed multiple innovative products and sold millions of units in both mainstream and independent retail, gaining a loyal following from non-vegans, vegans and “nonvegan vegans” as coined by the entrepreneur couple. After the phenomenal success of the Ferrero Rocher-style “Nutty Chocolate Balls” which launched this June and sold a quarter of a million in just three weeks, LoveRaw today launched the Caramelised Biscuit Cre&m Wafer just six weeks later. Is there no stopping this vegan power couple? It was time to catch up with Rimi and Manav again to find out. What have been LoveRaw’s biggest developments since our …


LoveRaw Caramelised_Biscuit_Wafer

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LoveRaw Launches Vegan Caramelised Biscuit Cre&m Wafer

Closely following the successful launch of the brand’s Nutty Choc Balls, which saw almost a quarter of a million vegan Ferrero Rocher-style treats purchased in only three weeks, LoveRaw today launches its latest NPD, the Caramelised Biscuit Cre&m Wafer. The new product is a variant of LoveRaw’s existing crispy wafer, this time filled with a biscuit cream with a caramel layer and crunchy biscuit crumb. The bar is available in Asda stores nationwide from this week with further listings in Holland & Barrett, SPAR, and more than 100 WHSmith travel stores. As with all of LoveRaw’s product portfolio, the new bar is free of palm oil, dairy products or artificial ingredients.  Love Raw, which reports it is now the fastest growing plant-based impulse company in …


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Premium Belgian Chocolate Manufacturer Kyoot Introduces Raspberry Pink Pepper Chocolate For Gen Z

Premium Belgian chocolate manufacturer Kyoot recently launched its new Vegan Raspberry Pink Pepper Chocolate targeted toward health-conscious Gen Z customers. Kyoot is on a mission to make next-level vegan chocolate for next-generation snackers. Not even a year after launching, Kyoot was awarded the Soho Chance Award in the Consumer Food and Drink category and stocked across London’s concept stores, newsagents, and gourmet grocers. Kyoot was founded by British-Lebanese Noor Freiha, a former chemical engineer who searched for a better-for-you bar that didn’t compromise on flavour. Today, the company’s bars are carefully crafted by world-class chocolatiers in Belgium, with the notion of making chocolate a fun experience, while committing to all-natural ingredients and sustainability. The high-quality chocolate range, which features ethically grown organic cacao by small-scale …