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Report Forecasts Growth in White Chocolate Market

Technavio London has published a new market research report on the global white chocolate market from 2019-2023, stating that the market size will grow by almost USD 1.8 billion during 2019-2023, at a CAGR of nearly 2%. There is a significant rise in the demand for premium, vegan-friendly white chocolates across the globe, as consumers choose animal-free without compromising on taste.


Lovechock chocolate

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Company News

New and More Environmentally-Friendly Packaging from Lovechock

Lovechock has redesigned its chocolate bars to make them more stylish and better for the environment. All the Dutch chocolate manufacturer’s packaging has been plastic-free since 2011. However, Chief Happiness Director Franziska Rosario still saw potential in terms of environmental protection, to which the Amsterdam-based company is strongly committed, and wanted to further reduce its environmental footprint.


Vivani Chocolate

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VIVANI: Sustainable Packaging and New Flavours

At the beginning of this year, the popular organic chocolate brand VIVANI, from the German chocolate specialist EcoFinia, redesigned the packaging of its products and switched to environmentally-friendly materials. In addition, two further chocolate creations were added to its range. New to the range are the flavours “Caramel Inca Salt” with fine milk chocolate, coconut blossom sugar, caramel crisps and Inca sun salt, and “Latte Macchiato Praliné” with dark nougat chocolate, white chocolate and espresso crisps. The new eco-friendly packaging is made of compostable Naturflex film, which completely replaces the previous aluminium foil. After nine years, the packaging itself has also been redesigned and given a new look. Vivani chocolate has long stood for the highest organic quality and is now sold in over 50 …