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Unique Alternative to Quark – Simply V Fresh Pleasure
September 13, 2019
Simply V is revolutionising the market for dairy alternatives thanks to new technology and a sophisticated manufacturing process.…
Veganz Aufschnitt
ALDI Germany to Stock Veganz Products from End of September
September 13, 2019
From 26th September, the German discount giant ALDI will include various products from the popular vegan brand Veganz…
DryPur: Natural Deodorants Without Aluminium Better for Health
September 13, 2019
Many health-conscious people are paying more attention to the ingredients in their deodorants, especially after the recent alarming…
go-sake-berlin sake
Berlin-Based Startup Brings Vegan Japanese Sake to Germany
September 12, 2019
Berlin is the German capital of Weg-Bier (“beer for the road”) and exciting new international food trends. It…
planty-of-meat planty-of-burger
German Food Startup “Planty-of-Meat” Unveils “Planty-of-Burger”
September 12, 2019
With its new product PLANTY-OF-BURGER, German food startup PLANTY-OF-MEAT is launching the first ever locally-made meat alternative onto…
Rügenwalder Mühle: Revenue Increases to EUR 212 Million Due to Plantbased Products
September 9, 2019
German food manufacturer Rügenwalder Mühle, which has operated in the plantbased market for around five years, now announces its…
Germany: Lidl Expands Vegan Next Level Meat Range with Plant-Based Minced Meat
September 2, 2019
Under its newly launched own brand, “Next Level Meat”, Lidl is expanding its range of meat alternatives: from…
Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger
Germany: Garden Gourmet Sells Five Million Incredible Burgers in Four Months
August 30, 2019
The Nestlé subsidiary Garden Gourmet has sold more than five million burgers in Germany in the four months…
Braune Kuh auf einer Alm
Social Media Post Argues That Vegans Emit More Methane into Atmosphere: Expert Rebuttal
August 12, 2019
Vegans are said to emit 60% more methane gas than meat eaters because of their diet and are…
Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger
NORMA Germany Adds Nestlé Incredible Burger to Vegan Range
August 7, 2019
Garden Gourmet – a 100% Nestlé subsidiary – launched the Incredible Burger in Europe this April. The product…
Netto to Sell Beyond Burger From 8 August in Germany
August 5, 2019
The vegan burger summer continues with Netto. After a successful national sales campaign of Netto Marken-Discount in July,…
Sign of the Changing Times – We Reveal Who Produces the Vegan Burgers for Lidl and Aldi
August 4, 2019
From today, the vegan ” Wonder Burger” will be available from ALDI. Following our report last week that…
LIDL Next Level Burger
Lidl Brings Fleshless Next Level Burger to all German Branches as of 1st August
July 30, 2019
After the two Beyond Meat Burger campaigns, Lidl developed the fresh Next Level Burger under its own brand…
Bernd Eßer, Berief
Berief: “Plant-Based Nutrition has Made a Place for Itself at the Heart of Society”
July 29, 2019
Berief is a German producer of high quality, organic soy and vegetable products with variations of plant meats…
beyond sausage
Beyond Meat Sausage Now Available at Getnow
July 26, 2019
The German food delivery service getnow is expanding its product range and plans to supply the Beyond Meat…
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