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La Fauxmagerie: “Our Goal is to Show People That There are Legitimate Alternatives to Dairy”
March 8, 2019
Michael Schertl, CEO der absolute Vegan Empire GmbH
AVE Group: “We Think That Vegan Nutrition Will Continue to be at the Centre of Society”
March 6, 2019
Remus Cernea
Romanian Politician Remus Cernea: “We Have to Accelerate the Transition to a Far More Sustainable Green Economy”
March 4, 2019
MyEy: “The Demand for Vegan Products and Egg Replacements is Constantly Increasing”
March 1, 2019
Dawn Carr, PETA
PETA: “Restaurants and Retailers are Scrambling to Meet the Growing Demand for Plant-Based Food”
February 26, 2019
Planet Oat oatmilk flavours
Planet Oat: “We Believe in the Power of What the Oat Brings to the “Milk” Aisle”
February 25, 2019
Mark Post
On a Mission to Create Slaughter-Free Meat: Prof. Dr Mark Post on Food Grown From Cells
February 22, 2019
david hedin
Euromonitor: “Investors See Big Money in Converting Meat and Dairy Consumption in Europe”
February 20, 2019
Dayton Miller
Boulder Food Group: “We Believe the Plant-Based Foods Movement is Still in Its Infancy and Will Continue to Gain Mainstream Appeal”
February 18, 2019
Ed Winters
Earthling Ed: “The Vegan Market is Unique in the Sense That it is Constantly Expanding”
February 15, 2019
Henrik Akerman, Oumph
Oumph! “Our Aim is to Drive More People to Eat Plant-Based Food”
February 13, 2019
Ben and jerrys
February 12, 2019
Colourfood Professional: “People are Desperately Looking for Truly Natural Alternatives to Food Colours”
February 6, 2019
Prolupin GmbH: “We See Lupin Beans as an Alternative to Soy, Rice, Almonds and Coconut.”
February 4, 2019
Team Bravura
Bravura Foods: “There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be in a Plant-Based Business”
February 1, 2019
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