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SwingKitchen Expands into Switzerland

The Austrian vegan fast food chain SwingKitchen has recently announced new plans to expand into Switzerland, continuing its internationalisation strategy. Towards the end of April, a franchiser will open its first SwingKitchen store in Berne. […]

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Gastronomy & Catering

Vegan Pizza Rankings Published

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation recently published rankings assessing the vegan pizza offerings of the largest pizza delivery services and restaurant chains. These not only show big differences in the current product offerings of the providers, […]

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Burgerheart Opens New Restaurant in Essen

The Würzburg fast food chain Burgerheart will soon be opening a new restaurant in Essen-Rüttenscheid. In addition to its classic dishes, Burgerheart also offers meatless options. Some examples are sweet potato and kidney bean patties […]