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The “Vegan Accountancy Revolution” Begins as Established Firm Acquires Another, to Grow & Serve London Vegan Community

Vegan-run accountancy firm Lesser & Co today announces the “friendly acquisition” of London’s Vegan Accountants, with founder Diane Metcalfe stating that she chose Keith Lesser and his team to “kickstart the vegan accounting revolution”. Keith Lesser enthuses that “the potential here is mind-blowing,” and explains why.


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Millions of Brits Plan to Reduce Meat Consumption and Plastic Packaging Waste After Lockdown

During lockdown, vegan alternatives became increasingly popular in the UK. Now, a recent statistic from Finder shows that 39% of Britons plan to further reduce their meat consumption, indicating rising potential in the plant-based category after lockdown. At the same time, there is a growing awareness of sustainability issues across the country.


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Mighty Pea: “World Plant Milk Day is a Great Opportunity to Make a Change”

It’s day three of our celebratory series about the wonderful world of plant milks, leading up to World Plant Milk Day this Saturday 22nd. We are featuring different plant milk brands every day this week to see how they are celebrating and how they envision the future of the milk industry. Today we have two wonderful brands — Mighty Pea from the UK and Sproud from Sweden, both specialising in pea protein.


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UK Dairy Giant Launches New Milkshake Line “Shaken Other” as Dairy Continues to Turn to Plantbased

UK milkshake giant Shaken Udder announces the launch of its first dairy-free range, which will be marketed under the vegan-friendly sister brand Shaken Other. This follows a line of dairy producers turning to dairy-free products in order to keep up with the times and, it could be suggested, to recuperate from the global loss of dairy sales.