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Actor Dolph Lundgren Announced He Has Adopted a Vegan Diet on Good Morning Britain

According to the Daily Mail Online, actor Dolph Lundgren appeared on Good Morning Britain and announced that he had adopted a vegan diet after watching the 2019 documentary, The Game Changers. 

The Game Changers
The Game Changers

He shared with hosts Morgan Piers and Susanna Reid, “I’ve been vegan for a month, I’ve been trying it!” He added, “A friend of mine, Arnold  Schwarzenegger, produced this documentary called Game Changers, I checked it out, and then I figured I would try it out.”

Discussing his recent decision, Lundgren also agreed with reports that veganism can boost your libido, “It was quite good, but it went up about 50%.”

Regarding his health, he added, “I’ve noticed your blood sugar is constant, and you feel lighter.” 

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish actor who has appeared in over 40 films and is best known for his roles in Rocky IV and The Expendables trilogy. 



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