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Dunkin’ Donuts Responds to Recent “Plant-based Meat Announcement” on CNBC

Last Friday, CNBC published news about Dunkin’ Donuts (currently re-branding as Dunkin’) with the headline, “Dunkin’ CEO: ‘We’re going to look at plant-based proteins’ for breakfast menu” which was picked up by some vegan media. We contacted the company to confirm the news but found out this may not exactly be the case…

The article, which interested thousands of vegans across the world, was based on a video with CEO David Hoffmann involving the following dialogue:

CNBC: “One final question: when are we gonna see non-meat alternatives on your breakfast menu  after that Beyond Meat IPO….?”

DH: “Yeah and congratulations to them, and uh, to our friend Don Thompson {formerly of McDonalds and now on the Beyond Meat board} who I used to work with as well….but look, we’re all headed into a sort of Better-For-You platform, and we’ve tapped into what we think – with the breakfast sandwich and the breakfast bowls that are in market – to somebody who is looking to be healthy on a budget….and we’re going to look at plant-based proteins as well going forward.”

vegconomist contacted Dunkin’ to confirm the news that they would introduce plant-based meat to their menu and the response is as follows: “While we don’t have any news to share at this time about adding plant-based proteins to the menu, it is something we are exploring as part of our commitment to offer a wide variety of choices that meet the evolving needs and preferences of our guests.”

When pressed to respond as to whether, then, the announcement is at present correct or incorrect, the Dunkin’ representative said, “This is Dunkin’ is exploring, but we have no specific news to share at this time.”

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