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IKEA Sell 1M Vegan Hot Dogs in Europe

IKEA launched their vegan hot dogs, made from kale, lentils, carrot and potato, in European stores two months ago, and have already sold over a million. In 2015, the Swedish furniture store released their plant-based meatballs to great success, and now they are continuing with their focus on sustainability and offerings to the constantly increasing vegan population.

IKEA aim to reduce their carbon footprint and claim that the vegan sausages create seven times less than the CO2 emissions of the meat version.

“We are facing many challenges in the food production industry today and one of those challenges is that we need to be more sustainable,” commented Michael La Cour, Managing Director at IKEA Food Services. “With the global reach that we have at IKEA we believe that we have a responsibility and a great opportunity to serve food that is good for the planet.”

The vegan hot dog has also seen great success in the US since their introduction this February, and it was announced today that they will also roll out across Canadian locations. Vegan ice cream is planned by the retail giant for 2019.

La Cour commented to the Independent: “Every year, 660 million people enjoy the Ikea Food offer, and we see this global reach as an opportunity as well as a responsibility to serve food that is good for people and the planet.”

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