• Largest Egg Supplier in South America Debuts Plant-based Egg

    The largest egg supplier in South America, Brazil-based Grupo Mantiqueira, has created a plant-based egg in response to the rise in consumers seeking healthy and more sustainable sources of protein. Groupo Mantiqueira teamed with the think tank company The Good Food Institute (GFI) to produce this product made from pea starch and plant proteins.

    The plant-based egg, called N.Ovo, debuts at a time when egg replacements are seeing significant market growth. In a recent poll by GFI among more than 900 Brazilians, 29% of respondents reported a desire to reduce their consumption of animal products. This translates to almost sixty million people across the nation.

    N.Ovo is a plantbased egg for  vegans, people who suffer from egg intolerance, or any kind of egg allergy, using peas as its main ingredient, in a powder form.  The product can be used in the same way as eggs and is designed to be a one for one swap when baking cakes and bread.  It also comes packaged in egg cartons for added effect.

    N.Ovo will be a part of the newly launched Clube do Ovo; a subscription service for home delivery in Brazil, also owned by the company. Grupo Mantiqueira state plans to vend the vegan egg in supermarket chains, stores and natural products stores.

    Amanda Pinto, Innovation Manager at Grupo Mantiqueira stated: “I was born and raised in the animal protein industry and could see from the inside out that there are much more sustainable ways to feed the world. GFI has been very important to connect me with plant-based companies and show me alternative ways of producing food.

    “Before launching N.Ovo, we did a lot of research in different parts of the world. We had access to all kinds of egg substitutes and after a lot of testing, we reached the one, we think is the best solution, both for its applicability and for the consumers health.”

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