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Meat Consumption in the EU Set to Fall by 2030, EU Report Says

According to a new EU agricultural report, people in Europe will be consuming less meat by 2030. The report says meat consumption per capita will fall from 69.3 kg to 68.6 kg over the next 12 years.

The per capita consumption of meat will decrease as consumers become more aware of the negative environmental impact of their food. However, while overall meat consumption in the EU will fall, the production of livestock such as sheep, goats and poultry is expected to increase over this period.

“Many drivers will affect agricultural markets in the EU and beyond over the next ten years,” the report says. “The report takes into account the impact of consumer behaviour on these markets. For example, consumers are becoming much more aware of food, its origins and its impact on the environment and climate change.”

The report also points out that this trend is likely to lead to higher production costs for manufacturers. But it also gives them the opportunity to differentiate their products, add value and reduce their negative impact on the environment. Alternative production systems could also contribute to solving the problem of climate change.



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