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Vegan Emergency Kits Available for Survival and Crisis Situations

In the event of a crisis, such as if a power supply is interrupted for a longer period of time, it is recommended that emergency stocks be built up such as tinned goods etc. But what about for us vegans? Now a Munich-based company is offering a vegan emergency stock package in addition to its conventional and vegetarian offers.

The complete vegan five-day package with a total of ten main courses plus breakfast for each day has a shelf life of ten years and currently costs 75 €. Each meal can be eaten immediately without preparation and covers the need for various important nutrients.

vegan survival kit

The website lists various main courses:

2x potato stew
2x carrot stew
2x mushroom heads in coconut sauce on rice
2x Thai curry with rice
2x Mexican vegetable pot

Let’s hope that nobody needs to use this product, but perhaps it might be a good idea to get one, just in case…



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