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Vegan Sea Urchin is Not Vegan

In August this year we published an article about a new product made by Japanese company Fuji Oil, which was believed to be a plant-based version of a type of sushi / sashimi – a delicacy known as “uni” in Japan, made from the  innards of the sea urchin. Now vegconomist has received communication from Fuji Oil that this product is not in fact vegan.

Ai Murukami from Fuji Oil, contacted our Global office last week to explain that the sea urchin is not in fact vegan: “Our product is introduced as “Vegan sea urchin”, however we explained to reporters (not from vegconomist) that this sea urchin paste is contained real sea urchin mainly made from soy milk in the interview. It is not designed for vegan.” sic

Mr Murukami adds that the company aims for the flexitarian market with its products, “Mainly our concept is plant-based food, not only for vegan. But of course, we have ingredients which vegan or vegetarian will enjoy like “soy meat” made with granular vegetable protein and daily free ingredient.” sic

So, quickly, put down the innards of that urchin, friends – it’s not vegan.



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