Dr. Clauder's partners with Calysta to launch innovative dog treats made with FeedKindPet protein.

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Dr. Clauder’s Introduces the “World’s First” Dog Treats Featuring Calysta’s Air-Based Protein FeedKindPet

German pet food manufacturer Dr. Clauder’s has partnered with microbial protein pioneer Calysta, to launch the world’s first dog treats made with FeedKindPet, an air-based protein ingredient designed for pet nutrition. FeedKindPet, a vegan protein source, is said to be nutrient-dense, offering a complete amino acid profile for dogs, and is highly digestible while featuring postbiotic properties that help maintain a healthy gut. It has been approved for use in pet food in the EU and has received GRAS status in the USA. Dr. Clauder’s is a top German brand focused on pet health and nutrition, offering a wide range of high-quality products for dogs and cats. The company is known by pet owners and professionals for its premium pet food and supplements, which are made …


Solar Foods launches first -ever Gelato made with its microbial protein

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Solar Foods Launches the First Ever Gelato Replacing Dairy with Protein “Out of Thin Air”

Since its approval for sale in Singapore last year, news about Solein, the protein made out of thin air, doesn’t stop. Today, the Finnish company Solar Foods and its partner restaurant Fico are launching the world’s first Solein Chocolate Gelato in Singapore.  The debut marks the first time a food made with an animal-free protein grown from microbes using hydrogen and carbon dioxide (out of thin air) is sold to the general public. “This offers a glimpse of a future where tastes and textures are familiar, but where food arrives on our plates in an entirely new way,” said Solar Foods.  One-of-a-kind ice cream The restaurant’s chef team developed the recipe for the vegan ice cream, replacing dairy with Solein powder — removing animal agriculture from the equation. The …


Air Protein and ADM join forces to commercially laungh landless proteins to make alt foods

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Air Protein & ADM Partner to Bring Alt Meat Made With “Landless Protein” to Consumers

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Air Protein are partnering to develop and launch consumer products using novel landless proteins.  The two parties have companies signed a strategic development agreement whereby ADM will provide researchers, ingredients knowledge, technologies, and strategies, to help Air Protein scale its protein ingredients platform for the development of new cost-effective and nutritious products, among them alt meats. The partnership also includes mutually exclusive rights for ADM and Air Protein to collaborate to build and operate a commercial-scale landless protein plant. A new protein to feed a growing population Players in the emerging field of air proteins include Finland’s Solar Foods, with its protein Solein, and Dutch startup Farmless, though Air Protein is arguably that with the highest profile. Co-founded by Lisa Dyson and John …