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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Mooala Meets Consumer Demands with 3 Ingredient Shelf-Stable Plant-Based Milk

Organic, plant-based milk producer Mooala introduces the Mooala Simple line, featuring its first three-ingredient, organic, shelf-stable plant-based milk.  Mooala launched a line of shelf-stable plant-based milks in 2020, responding to changing consumer preferences during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this new offering aims to address evolving consumer demands for products with simplified ingredient profiles.  Jeff Richards, CEO of Mooala, states, “Consumers are reading labels carefully – they are demanding fewer ingredients in addition to organic ingredients; we created Mooala Simple as an elevated product line to address both needs.” The new Simple Oat Milk and Simple Almond Milk contain only three ingredients, with no gums, oils, or other additives. While other Mooala products, including its popular Original Bananamilk, are available at major retailers around the US, …



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Investments & Finance

MALK Raises $9M in Series B to Become “Cleanest Premium Organic’’ Plant-Based Milk

Plant milk brand MALK Organics reveals it has raised $9M in Series B funding in a round led by investors Benvolio Group and Rotor Capital. The raise brings the company’s total funding to date to $17M. Aiming to become the “cleanest premium organic” dairy-free milk on the market, MALK plans to hire additional executives and increase its marketing spend as it prepares for a new chocolate almond milk and upcoming Publix launch, reports Forbes.  “We are extremely bullish about MALK’s growth prospects, because not only is the product highly differentiated in a growing on-trend category, but the seasoned team in place has delivered exceptional results in 2022 and has a strong plan to accelerate future revenue and achieve profitability,” said Sam Frankfort, Managing Partner of …


JOOMA's Call Me Almond Milk, an almond concentrate to make the glass of milk pictures on top of a atble

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Products & Launches

Jooma Introduces New Almond Milk Concentrate for the Chinese Market

Jooma, a Chinese subsidiary of Munich-based NOIX AG, is launching an almond milk concentrate called Call Me Almond Milk for the Chinese market. The company claims it is the first to offer this type of product.  NOIX is a plant-based food developer operating in China. The company was awarded the Good Food Award in 2021 and 2022 for its sustainable almond-based yogurt brand Jooma, becoming only the second foreign producer to receive this award after Oatly. Recently, Jooma continued its innovation in the plant-based food sector with a range of coconut based-yogurts. High-quality almond milk Call Me Almond Milk allows consumers to make high-quality almond milk for any occasion, including warm almond milk — an important option in China. “Our panel tests have confirmed the excellent taste,” …


Amazon Fresh Chicken Nuggets

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Company News

Amazon Fresh Debuts 15 New Plant-Based Meat and Dairy Products

Amazon Fresh, a grocery pickup and delivery service, is launching its own plant-based range featuring over a dozen vegan meat and dairy items.  The Fresh Plant-Based brand is an expansion of Amazon’s Fresh private label, and includes Italian meatballs, chick’n nuggets, meatless patties, sausage and almond milks, reports Store Brands.  According to Amazon, the new products were thoroughly tested to ensure they meet customers’ expectations for taste and quality, and all offer healthy nutritional benefits. The brand’s almond milks contain 50% more calcium than dairy milk, while its plant-based chik’n nuggets, meatballs and patties provide 12, 17 and 21 grams of protein per serving, respectively.  Increasing product demand Amazon Fresh is a service that allows customers to order groceries using the Amazon app or website. …


Silk Extra Creamy Almondmilk


Products & Launches

Silk Introduces Extra Creamy Almond Milk Made with Three Types of Almonds

Top-selling dairy-free brand Silk announced the company’s latest plant-based milk alternative, Silk Extra Creamy Almondmilk. Blended with three different varieties of almonds, Silk says the product offers a much smoother texture and mouthfeel than regular almond milk.  The latest almond milk creation  According to the company, 73% of consumers curious about plant-based foods start with buying almond milk. The Extra Creamy product is a rich source of calcium and vitamin E, has zero cholesterol, and contains 50% more calcium than reduced-fat dairy milk. The new milk alternative adds to the brand’s extensive portfolio, which includes non-dairy milk made from soy, almonds, cashews, coconut, and oats as well as yogurts and creamers.  To celebrate the launch, the company is giving away a year’s worth of Silk …



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Food & Beverage

Blue Diamond Launches Vegan Almond Breeze Corner Yogurts in the USA

In May, the world’s leading almond producer Blue Diamond Growers launched five Almond Breeze brand vegan corner yoghurts. Blue Diamond is driving the market for dairy alternatives forward with this expansion of its product range. The new yogurt alternatives are made from almond milk. They are available in the USA in 150g (5.3 oz) portions with five different toppings: Roasted almonds Chocolate almonds & chocolate chips Coconut almonds & chocolate chips Blueberry almonds & oat clusters Sea salt caramel & pretzel. The yoghurt is also available in a 680g (24 oz) pot in the flavours Original and Vanilla. According to the manufacturer, all varieties are free of common allergens such as lactose and soya. Blue Diamond brand marketing manager Suzanne Hagener believes this new product …


Ian Greengrass Managing Director – Blue Diamond Almonds Europe

Ian Greengrass Managing Director – Blue Diamond Almonds Europe


Almond Breeze: “We Are the Leading Almond Drink Brand Globally”

Ian Greengrass Managing Director – Blue Diamond Almonds Europe

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Blue Diamond is a grower-owned cooperative of more than 3,000 California almond growers with a 109-year-long history and tradition. With their Almond Breeze®-brand they offer a range of different almond drinks. We spoke to Ian Greengrass, Managing Director Blue Diamond Almonds Europe, about their recent launch in Germany, the current situation of the brand and what differentiates them in the crowded market of plant-based drinks.


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Gastronomy & Food Service

Starbucks: Two Smoothies Added to Vegan Drink Range

Starbucks is expanding its vegan range by introducing two 100% dairy-free “Doubleshot Coffee Smoothies”. The coffee-house chain is responding to the increasing demand from customers for plant-based options. Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks, told Business Insider how important plant-based alternatives are for attracting new customers.