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Studies & Numbers

Israel’s Alt Protein Industry Poised to Generate 10,000 Jobs and $2.5 Billion by 2030, New Report Predicts

A report has been published by the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), the World Economic Forum (WEF) through the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) network led by C4IR Israel, and the Good Food Institute Israel. The paper examines the role of government support for alternative proteins and presents the Israeli ecosystem as an innovative blueprint for other nations to adopt. The report’s promising projections suggest that by 2030, with a well-coordinated national support strategy, Israel could support over 200 alternative protein companies and establish a dozen manufacturing facilities.  This growth could create 10,000 jobs — one-third of which would be in manufacturing — and contribute an estimated $2.5 billion to the economy through exports, wages, and taxes. In addition, the report’s figures show that Israel ranks second …


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Market & Trends

Alternative Protein Industry to Recalibrate and Strengthen, Significant Progress Expected in 3-5 Years

Despite recent challenges in the alternative protein industry, such as sales downturns and capacity struggles, a new report by ProVeg Incubator suggests that this ‘correction phase’ will ultimately strengthen the sector‘s long-term prospects. The report – Five Years, 100 Startups, and the Future of Food – reveals that the correction phase reflects a healthy recalibration, separating genuine potential from hype. Although the next year or so might be challenging due to economic conditions and investment landscapes, the report predicts a bright future. New, competitively priced products with improved taste, nutrition, and texture are entering the market. Additionally, regulatory pathways are expected to improve, particularly in cultivated and precision fermentation sectors. Significant progress anticipated In the next three to five years, significant progress in product development …