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Alt Meat Made From Amaranth? UK Scientists Embrace Vertical Farming to Explore New Low Cost Protein

Scientists from the University of York are collaborating on a new environmentally-friendly research project to produce a low-cost alternative protein derived from amaranth that can be used in product formulations of alt meat and other plant-based foods. Funded by Innovate UK, VIP Leaf will bring together vertical farming technology and crop biology experts to develop high-protein amaranth crops with high-yielding performance. The project’s ultimate goal is to address the growing plant-based proteins demand and reduce UK imports of soy and pea. Vertical Future will lead the two-year project with the University of York, Crop Health and Protection Limited (CHAP), an Innovate UK-funded agri-tech centre. Syan Farms and plant-based food company Eat Curious also joined the project. An undervalued crop in the UK Amaranth is undervalued …


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HERZA Schokolade: Sunflower Protein-Based Chocolate Pieces for Food Service

HERZA Schokolade, a specialist in small chocolate pieces for food service, has created various organic, vegan milk chocolate pieces based on sunflower protein, in flavours such as amaranth or salty caramel. HERZA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality functional chocolate pieces for the food service industry, and the European market leader in small chocolate pieces for mueslis. The German producer, part of the Stern Wywiol Group, specialises in specialist small chocolate pieces and provides creative variety for muesli, snacks, ice cream and baked goods. Says the company, the main challenge with vegan chocolate is to obtain the familiar creamy and milky flavour of milk chocolate, stating that it has precisely achieved this goal with the new products.   BIOFACH 2023 At the …




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Finland’s Verso Foods Granted Patent for Vegan Products Created with Fava Beans

Verso Food, the market leader of plant-based foods in Finland, has been granted a patent for the production method of its Beanit Chunks and Mince made from fava beans. Beanit is the world’s first plant-based protein product made from Nordic Fava beans, which the University of Copenhagen revealed to be protein-dense and nutritionally superior to lentils, amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa. As we reported in June, Business Finland announced it was funding a EUR 2.1M project with VTT Research and the University of Helsinki to support the Finnish food industry to develop plant protein products for the international market and strengthen Finland’s position in the global plant protein market by valorising Finnish crops such as the fava (or broad) bean utilised by Verso Food for this …


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Peeroton Presents Vegan Muesli Made by Athletes for Athletes

For the first time, the leading Austrian sports nutrition manufacturer Peeroton is offering a vegan muesli. The product has been developed by nutrition experts along with athletes and is specially tailored to athletes’ needs. Balanced formula for support in sport and everyday life In collaboration with nutrition experts and athletes, the leading Austrian sports nutrition manufacturer Peeroton has developed a unique formula. With high-quality soy flakes, amaranth, and the patented PANMOL vitamin complex, the muesli is designed to help athletes prepare for great challenges in sport and everyday life. It is made up of a balanced combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Vitamins C, B6, and B12 contribute to proper energy metabolism and the functioning of the immune system. High protein content supported by isomaltulose …