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NAE Vegan Shoes Launches Upcycled Apple Leather Collection

Portugese brand NAE Vegan Shoes has launched a new summer shoe collection called SS22. The sustainable shoes are made from apple leather, which uses upcycled waste from the Italian juice industry. Thousands of tons of cores and peels are produced by the industry every year, sending a huge amount of waste to landfill and generating high management costs for companies. But these discards can be recovered and converted into a powder, which can be used as a substitute for oil derivatives such as PU to make a sustainable, durable, and waterproof vegan alternative to leather. NAE’s new SS22 collection features sustainable sandals made from this apple-derived leather alternative, manufactured locally in Portugal to ensure fair conditions for workers. Previous shoes by NAE have used other …


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Oliver Co Receives PETA Award For Wood & Apple Leather Accessories

Oliver Co. has been awarded the PETA Men’s Fashion Award 2021. The London startup produces accessories made from apple leather, a vegan bio-material created with upcycled apple waste from the fruit juice industry. The company recently expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a new vegan laptop sleeve that accommodates laptop sizes spanning 13 to 16 inches. In addition to its range of wallets and cardholders made from apple leather, the company creates accessories from sustainable wood leather, reducing the kg CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by about 60% compared to a square meter of leather. “To receive this award and be amongst such established brands is a real honour for us. Oliver Co. has only been around for 3 years, and so getting …


Miomojo apple leather handbag giorgia

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Miomojo Wins PETA Vegan Fashion Award For Apple Leather Handbag

Sustainable Italian fashion brand Miomojo has been recognised by animal rights group PETA for its apple leather handbag. Known as Giorgia, the bag is made with waste produced locally by the juice industry. PETA Germany named the bag Best Handbag of 2021 at its annual Vegan Fashion Awards. Previously, this award has been won by major brands such as Giorgio Armani, Stella McCartney, and Vivienne Westwood. Giorgia is a “bucket bag” that can be transformed into a backpack by adjusting the handles. The body is made entirely from Appleskin vegan leather, while the inner lining is made from recycled plastic bottles. Alongside its apple leather handbag range, Miomojo also offers products made from other sustainable materials such as bamboo, hemp, cactus leather, and recycled plastic …


Mikael Eydt Beyond Leather

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Beyond Leather: “Companies Who Do Not Understand Sustainability & Transparency Will Be Left Behind and the Ones Who Do Will Take Over”

With animal-based materials finally falling out of favour in the fashion world, Beyond Leather has positioned itself as a leader in the rapidly growing plant-based leather sector, creating innovative products using waste materials with a focus on apple waste upcycled from the juice and cider industries. “I hope that we can lead the industry into a transparent system that makes it easy for people to buy eco-friendly products and navigate away from false promises” Established in 2017, the Danish startup announced a €1.1 million seed funding round last year and was also the winner of the Clim@ 2020 competition, an event that rewards startups demonstrating climate impact. In this well overdue Q&A, we caught up with Beyond Leather CEO and Co-Founder Mikael Eydt to discuss …


Leap apple leather

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Leap: Biomaterial Made With Leftover Apple Waste Set to Revolutionise the Leather Industry

Copenhagen-based next-gen materials company Beyond Leather Materials has introduced a new leather alternative to the rapidly growing plant-based leather sector. Called Leap – which stands for LEftover APples – this is a highly sustainable plant-based leather alternative created from upcycled apple waste from the juice and cider industry.


Apple Leather bracelet Beyond Leather Materials

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Beyond Leather Materials Closes Seed Investment, is on Course to Disrupt €70 Billion Leather Supplier Market

Danish startup Beyond Leather Materials, creating apple-based leather alternatives, announces seed funding of €1.1 million, led by angel investor Steen Ulf Jensen via Jensengroup Investment Fund and accompanied by Rockstart and Vaekstfonden. The brand was awarded winning place in Clim@ 2020 competition for sustainability.


Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza OPP


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One Planet Pizza Partners with Meatless Farm & AppleWood Cheese for UK’s First Vegan Cheezeburger Pizza

One Planet Pizza, the UK’s first and much-loved vegan frozen pizza company, announces today it has partnered with plant-based brands Meatless Farm, the legendary Applewood® Vegan cheese, and Mooshies vegan burger bar, to release a limited-edition Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza.


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Beyond Leather Materials Wins Climate Award, Can Produce a Square Meter of Vegan Leather From Just 5Kg of Apple Pulp

Beyond Leather Materials, a Danish startup creating apple-based clothing material, was recently announced as winner of the Clim@ 2020 competition, an event that rewards startups demonstrating climate impact. The finals were held online yesterday, 2nd June, with Beyond Leather Materials the winner of 15.


No Saints

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No Saints: Innovative New Vegan Footwear From Australia

No Saints is a new Australian footwear company that is out to buck the status quo, offering unisex shoes that are better for animals, people and the planet. Launching today, the brand is committed to being at the forefront of technology and is constantly on the lookout for new vegan materials, such as pineapple leather and apple leather, which support the company ethos.



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Volkswagen Considers Widespread Use of Vegan Apple Leather

At China’s largest automobile trade fair, the Shanghai Auto, Volkswagen recently presented its new e-mobility model ID. ROOMZZ, featuring vegan leather seat covers. As a zero-emission SUV in the five-metre class, it is intended to be an all-round model suited to family and business needs. The series version will be launched in China in 2021. The seat covers were made using AppleSkin. This is a material whose production uses, among other things, apple pulp – a waste product of apple juice production. This saves the equivalent of 50% of one cow’s skin per every seat. According to the company, the aim is to use this or a similar material more extensively. The possibilities for this are currently being investigated, as the material has to withstand …