Miyoko's creamery cheese spread

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Products & Launches

Miyoko’s Creamery Expands Product Line with Plant Milk Cheese Spreads

Miyoko’s Creamery, producer of artisanal dairy-free butter and cheese, announces today it is leveraging traditional cheesemaking techniques in the production of a new line, called Plant Milk Cheese Spreads. Crafted using an organic cultured cashew milk base, the new spreads are certified organic, vegan, lactose-free, soy-free, palm oil-free, gluten-free, and kosher. The range comprises four flavors: Classic Chive, Garlic Harb, Roadhouse Cheddar, and Sundried Tomato, all made with simple ingredients like organic coconut oil, rice miso, and nutritional yeast.  The spreads were inspired by its award-winning cheese wheels and Roadhouse Cheddar, and the company says they are ideal for spreading on sandwiches, melting down as queso, or for use as dips for chips and pretzels. The launch of this new product range comes after the recent …


Mike & Beth, Honestly Tasty

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Honestly Tasty: “We Want to Become the Leading Producer of High-Quality Plant-Based Cheese”

London’s Honestly Tasty has built up a fiercely loyal fanbase (there are vegan Facebook groups sharing tips on which stores to run to ASAP to stock up) with its delicious plant-based cheeses with names like Shamembert, Bree, Veganzola, and Herbivoursin – a few of which had to be renamed following cease and desist orders from their originals! This artisan brand received funding from Veg Capital last June and since then has gone from strength to strength, securing listings at Ocado, Planet Organic, more than 70 independent stores, and most recently at 166 Marks and Spencer stores nationwide with its Blue, Shamembert, and Bree. If you’re in the UK, we cannot recommend the Blue highly enough. HT says, “.. if something so simple as cheese is …


Jay&Joy plant-based cheese

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Investments & Finance

Jay&Joy’s New CEO Raises €2M to Continue Modernising French Cheese

French plant-based creamery startup Jay&Joy has raised €2 million in a fundraising round led by High Flyers Capital.  Additional investors include Jean-Baptiste Rudelle (founder of Criteo), Guillaume Dubois and Cédric Meston (co-founders of HappyVore), and other private investors.  Jay&Joy, which describes itself as the first plant-based creamery in France, has been making organic, artisan vegan cheeses from almond milk, cashew nuts, and coconut since 2014. New CEO A pioneer in the field, the startup rapidly expanded to other European countries such as Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal. In February, Jay&Joy landed in the UK market.  But in January 2023, in France, a massive recall of Jay&Joy products was issued after several cases of listeria caused premature delivery in several women.  A few months …


Artisan vegan cheese

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Cheese Alternatives

Artisan Vegan Cheeses by Honestly Tasty Launch at 166 M&S Stores UK-Wide

Honestly Tasty, an artisan vegan cheese brand based in London, UK, has announced that it is launching at Marks & Spencer stores nationwide. The brand’s three bestselling products — Blue, Shamembert, and Brie — will be available at 166 M&S locations in the mainland UK, Belfast, and Dublin. It follows a highly successful launch at online supermarket Ocado. Honestly Tasty has also been adapting its production process to bring down prices, making the cheeses accessible to more consumers. More product launches and revised recipes — including lower-emission and allergen-free products — are planned in the coming months. Novel technique Honestly Tasty’s award-winning cheeses are made using a novel technique that combines starch and hydrocolloid technology with traditional cheese-making techniques. Some of the products are aged …


Angela Chou, I Am NUT OK

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I AM NUT OK: “Our Mission is to Satisfy People’s Cheese Cravings With Delicious Dairy Alternatives”

UK-based I AM NUT OK was founded by American / Italian couple Angela and Nivi, who put to use their design backgrounds and mutual love for cheese to craft a wide range of artisan vegan products in Hackney, London, with the aim not to replicate dairy, but simply to make delicious animal-free cheese. Going from strength to strength, I AM NUT OK supplies Planet Organic and specialist stores such as the UK’s first vegan cheesemonger La Fauxmagerie, and recently opened brick-and-mortar location Third Culture, a vegan deli based at Broadway Market in London. We chatted all things cheese with Co-founder Angela Chou. What is the story behind the foundation of I am NUT OK? The foundation behind I AM NUT OK lies in a passion …



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Company News

London-Based Artisan Cheesemaker Honestly Tasty Celebrates Ocado Launch

Honestly Tasty, a UK-based creator of award-winning vegan artisan cheese products such as Shamembert, Blue, and Bree, is celebrating the launch of its products on Ocado, with the rollout taking place this week, according to the brand. Honestly Tasty launched a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs last June and reported that it raised over 80% of its £450,000 target just a few days later. The brand’s growth was further bolstered by an investment of £250K from Veg Capital that same month, with the VC firm stating at the time, “Vegan cheese is such an important product […] It is also notoriously difficult to get right, but Honestly Tasty have absolutely nailed it with their range”. Co-founder Michael Moore says: “Our mission, from day one, has been …