A shoe made from bacterial, self-dyeing leather

© Ed Tritton - Imperial College London


UK Researchers Develop First “Self-Dyeing” Plastic-Free Vegan Leather from Bacteria

Imperial College London researchers have developed, using bacteria, a plastic-free, vegan leather that dyes itself black during production. Scientists and material companies have been using microbes to produce sustainable textiles or dyes for the fashion industry; however, the researchers claim this is the first time a material produces its own color pigment. One of fashion’s most environmentally damaging processes is dyeing with synthetic chemicals. The researchers explain that black dyes — especially those used for tanning leather — are particularly harmful.  To solve this environmental problem, the researchers genetically engineered the bacterium Komagataeibacter rhaeticus to simultaneously produce microbial cellulose and the dark pigment eumelanin. Their new process has been published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.  “Inventing a new, faster way to produce sustainable, self-dyed leather alternatives …


Bucha Bio relocates

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Company News

Bucha Bio Relocates From NY to Houston to Open Next-Gen Materials Headquarters

Bucha Bio relocates from New York City to Houston, is accepted into Greentown Labs Incubator US biomaterials company Bucha Bio, which makes textiles and composite materials from bacterial nanocellulose, has announced a move from New York City to the world’s energy capital, Houston. Bucha will open its new headquarters at the city’s East End Maker Hub. The company chose Houston from over 20 locations due to its access to venture capital, existing polymer and chemical manufacturers, hiring potential, and top-tier local universities. Bucha says it has already signed on senior scientists with experience in the oil and plastic industries, claiming these skills are “perfectly suited to biomaterials”. Infinitely renewable materials Bucha Bio’s materials, which include animal-free leather, are biodegradable and infinitely renewable — countering claims …