Fresh bamboo shoots

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Another Sustainable Alt Protein Source: Bamboo Shoots Found to Contain Proteins Similar to Cow’s Milk

Bamboo shoots, the edible part of some bamboo plants, are gaining recognition as a source of essential amino acids, according to a recent study by researchers from the China National Bamboo Research Centre. Titled “Bamboo shoot and its food applications in the last decade: an undervalued edible resource from forest to feed future people,” the study highlights bamboo shoots’ nutritional composition and health benefits, noting their protein content is “similar to cow’s milk.” Bamboo as a nutritional powerhouse In an attempt to demonstrate how bamboo plants can be an alternative to conventional foods, the researchers found that bamboo shoots are rich in seven essential amino acids, carbohydrates (mainly fibers), iron, and vitamins while low in fat, making them a valuable source of nutrition. Furthermore, similar studies …