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Egg Alternatives

Evo Foods Unveils “World’s First” Heat-Stable Plant-Based Boiled Egg

Indian startup Evo Foods has revealed what it claims is the first ever heat-stable and plant-based boiled egg. The product was showcased for the first time at an event in Jio World Drive in Mumbai. To develop the plant-based boiled egg, Evo created a database of plant proteins grown in India and compared them to egg proteins based on various parameters. Once the company had selected the proteins with the best match, it used proprietary texturising technology to create the finished product. “We are extremely lucky to have a strong team of scientists and engineers who made this feat possible within just a year of R&D, including the lockdowns in India,” said co-founder and CEO Kartik Dixit. Ready for launch Evo Foods previously developed plant-based …



Products & Launches

Switzerland’s Largest Retail Company Migros Launches Plant-Based Boiled Egg

Swiss retail giant Migros has launched a vegan hard-boiled egg which will be available in select Migros stores across the country. The plant-based picnic egg looks and tastes like its conventional counterpart even including its vegan yolk.  The latest addition to Migros’ own V-Love plant-based range, the egg is manufactured in Switzerland by ELSA, a Migros subsidiary. Made from soy protein, the new egg innovation will be available in Migros stores in Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, and Geneva as of November 2021, priced at 4.40 Swiss francs for a pack of four. The V-Love hard-boiled egg is one of the world’s first such products to hit the shelves as the race to develop new egg alternatives accelerates. Research has shown that 30% of consumers say they …