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Cheese Alternatives

FÆRM: Mimicking Dairy Fermentation to Craft the Next Generation of Plant-Based Cheese

FÆRM is a Danish food tech startup using food science and traditional cheesemaking techniques to craft the next generation of plant-based cheese. The company claims its animal-free cheese is made with clean-label ingredients and boasts an authentic cheese flavor. Founded in 2020 by Andrea Donau, Mikkel Dupont, and Anna Gundorph, FÆRM has designed a new patented technology that mimics traditional dairy fermentation using rennet and cultures such as lactic acid bacteria. The technology ferments legume-based plant matrices to transform them into cheese without using additives, colorants, or flavorings.  Achieving the impossible According to FÆRM, its R&D team has accomplished a feat not many companies have been able to achieve: making soy milk coagulate like cow’s milk. “Through research, stubbornness, and countless tests, we achieved the …


Climax Artisanal Plant-Based Cheese

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Products & Launches

Climax Foods Launching “Moonshot” Plant-Based Brie, Feta, Chèvre and More in Select US Cities

Biotech startup Climax Foods announces it will soon introduce its first “moonshot” products – artisanal plant-based cheeses – to select audiences in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The company also reveals it is building its first production facilities for an early 2023 launch with soon-to-be-announced distribution partners. Described as “zero compromise” plant-based products, Climax’s first offerings include cultured and aged Blue, Brie, Feta and Chèvre cheeses. According to the company, these products match the taste, nutrition, and price of dairy cheese. To create the products, Climax says it relies on non-allergenic ingredients such as seeds, legumes and plant oils, and that its offerings are free from nuts, cholesterol, and GMO ingredients. “We started from a profound appreciation for the complex flavors and textures …


Nuts for Cheese Whole Foods Market

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Company News

Canada’s Nuts for Cheese Reports 50% YOY Growth as US Expansion Continues to Accelerate

Nuts for Cheese, Canada’s leading manufacturer of artisan, organic dairy-free cheese, is rapidly expanding its award-winning product line across US natural channels. Boasting double-digit sales growth, the brand also plans to release its first non-dairy cream cheese in 2022.  Nuts for Cheese sells a range of innovative and versatile cheeses that can be sliced, shredded, spread or melted. Handcrafted with traditional aging techniques, its products are made from organic cashews, coconut oil and sunflower oil. Popular varieties include:  Un-Brie-Lievable (Coconut and cashew blend) Black Garlic / Smoky Gouda (Both feature vibrant, hand-painted rinds) “Super Blue” (Marbled with spirulina)  Chipotle Cheddar (A bit spicy, infused with chipotle adobo sauce)  “Exciting” launches coming The company reports it has seen 50% year-over-year sales growth as it increases distribution …