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Lightlife Reformulation “Raising the Bar for Other Brands in the Category” In Round Two of Last Year’s Burger Wars?

Are we witnessing round two of last year’s Burger Wars? Plant-based brand Lightlife – owned by Greenleaf Foods, a subsidiary of Canadian meat giant Maple Leaf – has overhauled 19 of its plant-based products, removing ingredients like carrageenan, eggs and maltodextrin, and claims to be laying down the gauntlet for its competitors to follow suit.


Planterra Foods OZO Plant-Based Meat

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JBS, The Largest Global Animal Processor, Launches its Plant-Based Line into Food Service Sector

Planterra Foods, Colorado, announces today that it is launching a new line under its plant-based brand name OZO. The line in burgers, grounds, nuggets and breakfast sausage patties, is aimed at the foodservice sector. Earlier this year we reported that the brand had premiered its products in the retail sector in the US.


David Benzaquen of Moonshot Collaborative

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David Benzaquen: Should Plant-Based Meat Companies Prioritize Health or the Perfect Taste?

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Innovation often brings with it heated debate, and plant-based meat is no exception. With the recent wave of highly-realistic meat alternatives, we’re faced with the question: is the perfect taste worth arguably imperfect ingredients?


Impossible Foods

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Burger Wars: Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods Fight Back – Read Their Official Rebuttals to Lightlife

Yesterday, in a bold and heavily criticised move, Lightlife Foods published an open letter to Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods through a full page ad in the New York Times, stating: “Enough with the hyper processed ingredients” and claiming to be committed to “using simple ingredients and methods”. Read on for the responses.