The Vegetarian Butcher at Carrefour butcher counter

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The Vegetarian Butcher Launches at Butcher Counters at Spanish Carrefour Supermarkets

The Vegetarian Butcher and European hypermarket chain Carrefour strengthen ties to expand the offer of meat alternatives in some of the butcher shops in Spanish Carrefour locations. Although products from The Vegetarian Butcher were already available last year, from this month the products will be available in a total of 24 Carrefour group establishments. The products that will be available at the butcher counters are crispy burgers; breaded burgers with iron and vitamin B12 called the Kikiricrunch Burger; vegan soy and wheat-based beef burgers; the famous Burghesian Rapshody patty; and vegetable nuggets. With this new agreement, Unilever‘s plant-based meat brand reinforces its commitment to the democratization of these products through Carrefour, which has positioned itself as one of the pioneer distributors in making this type …


juicy marbles product

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Waitrose Becomes First UK Supermarket to List Juicy Marbles, Stocks the Filet Mignon in Butcher Section

Whole cut vegan steak producer Juicy Marbles launches at Waitrose, marking the first UK supermarket to sell the 100% plant-based filet mignon. The brand’s famous marbled vegan steaks — placed alongside conventional animal meat in the butcher section — are part of the supermarket’s Valentine’s Day Meal Deal, offering two Juicy Marbles steaks, a starter, a dessert, and a bottle of fine wine for £20. Waitrose reports that it is listing the plant-based filets in 217 Waitrose stores from February 8th to 14th while stocks last.  Luka Sinček, Juicy Marbles’ co-founder, said: “Mr. Marbles will be pleased to see the introduction of Juicy Marbles’ steaks in Waitrose, one of the UK’s most respected supermarkets. We are also big fans of romance here in Marbles’ Surreal …