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The Little Vegan Butcher Joins Growing Number of Plant-Based Butcher Shops Worldwide

As The Little Vegan Butcher opens its doors in Norwich, UK, we take a look at a selection of plant-based butcher shops on both sides of the Atlantic. The Little Vegan Butcher The Little Vegan Butcher opened its doors in January, offering meat alternatives handmade by the store’s owners. These include plant-based ribs and bacon, soy burgers containing Applewood smoky vegan cheese, and “vishcakes” made with white beans. A lunch counter will soon open in-store, serving options such as wraps, salads, and sandwiches. There is also a deli counter and a coffee machine. Maciel’s Plant-Based Butcher & Deli Los Angeles’ first ever vegan butcher shop, Maciel’s, opened in July 2022. The store offers Mexican-inspired plant-based meats, cheeses, and sandwiches, all handmade from scratch. Options include …


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Brazilian Verdali and Carrefour Open New Vegan Butcher Section

Brazilian plant-based meat specialist, Verdali has partnered with hypermarket giant Carrefour to offer its products at a designated vegan butcher section next to the fresh meat counters at one of the supermarket’s locations in São Paolo. The company claims to be the first company with plant-based certification in Brazil. In the last two years, it has launched a range of plant-based meat alternatives made with peas, soy, and chickpeas. The company describes its products as the new natural flavour of vegetal meat, nutritious and healthy. It is worth mentioning that the company says its packaging uses bio-based recyclable plastic. Verdali commented on the new vegan butcher section: “This innovative proposal aims to serve consumers who prefer plant-based proteins focusing on democratization by having the products exposed …


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Maciel’s Plant-Based Butcher is Opening LA’s First-Ever Vegan Butcher Shop

On July 8, Maciel’s Plant-Based Butcher & Deli is opening in LA’s Highland Park neighborhood, becoming the city’s first-ever plant-based butcher shop, reports Eater LA. Offering a rich, Mexican-influenced menu, Maciel’s will serve a variety of scratch-made animal-free meats, cheeses, and sandwiches.  A neighborhood butcher-deli Maciel’s was created by Maciel Bañales Luna, spouse Joe Egender and business partner Dustin Lancaster. The concept was inspired by Bañales Luna, a Mexican native who worked as a nutrition researcher and experimented with plant-based meats at home. According to the founders, Maciel’s aims to offer the same comfort and familiarity as a traditional corner deli.  “We see it as a neighborhood butcher-deli,” said Egender. “You come and get your weekly meats, but also grab some sandwiches and aguas frescas, …


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Symplicity Foods: “Food Made by Nature is Always Better. Nature Does Things Better All Round”

Headed by Neil Rankin, the trained butcher and London steakhouse chef who switched to making 100% clean vegan meat; Symplicity Foods is a clean label food company that specialises in “helping chefs, home cooks, caterers and restaurants to reduce their reliance on meat”. Becoming increasingly concerned about sustainability, Rankin took the initial approach of trying to use every part of the animal when creating his food. Eventually became “disenchanted with the solution being meat-based” and turned his attention towards plant-based options, going on to form Symplicity Foods and supply products such as plant-based burgers, meatballs, mince and sauces with a focus on fermentation techniques. Just last month, Symplicity partnered with London’s Homeslice Pizza to open its very first vegan-only location, after the plant-based pizzas offered …