Ancrée's plant-based caviar

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Ancrée Launches the “First” French Plant-Based Caviar, Redefining Luxury with Chia Seeds & Seaweed

Lucille and Emilie Battafarano, two sisters passionate about gastronomy, applied their artisanal expertise and innovative research to craft a unique, luxurious, but sustainable condiment: a 100% plant-based caviar that they claimed to be the first and only of its kind in the country. Launched this year under the brand Ancrée, the product is crafted from carefully selected chia seeds from Île-de-France and seaweed from Brittany. The remaining ingredients, such as soy sauce, vinegar, and other condiments, are all-natural options, and the recipe doesn’t include additives or preservatives. The product is not gluten-free. The new product is said to offer a refined taste and texture that mimics traditional caviar but without damage to sea life. According to the French startup, the chia seeds give the product …


Dr. Foods vegan truffle butter, caviar, and foie gras

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Products & Launches

Japan’s Dr. Foods Adds Vegan Truffle Butter to Range of Plant-Based Delicacies

Japanese food tech company Dr. Foods has announced the launch of its vegan truffle butter, which is ready for B2B distribution in Japan and internationally. The truffle butter is made with Italian summer truffle from Tuscany, combined with a proprietary plant-based butter made from Italian extra virgin olive oil. Dr. Foods has previously launched vegan foie gras and caviar, and says the truffle butter will complete its lineup of alternatives to “the world’s top three delicacies”. The company has already held tasting sessions for all three products in the U.S., Singapore, the Netherlands, Thailand, and the UAE. The response has been positive, and Dr. Foods will now make “full-scale efforts” to export the delicacies to hotels and restaurants worldwide. Since September 2023, 160,000 servings of …


Pumpkin caviar

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Avocado Oil Producer Chosen Foods Launches the “First-Ever” Pumpkin Spice Avocado Oil Caviar

Chosen Foods, known as the producer of America’s #1 Avocado Oil, has introduced what it describes as the first-ever Pumpkin Spice Avocado Oil Caviar. Launched for the fall season when pumpkin-spiced products begin to trend, the plant-based product (vegconomist has confirmed it is fully vegan although it is not clear on the website), the caviar is made with the brand’s 100% Pure Avocado Oil and a blend of spices, including cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. Chosen Foods says the product, containing good fats from the avocado oil base and with no added sugar, is especially suitable as a topping for ice cream, pancakes, waffles, fresh pastries, yogurt, and cupcakes. Novel, cruelty-free delicacies gaining popularity The global vegan caviar market is predicted to grow at a …


foie gras


Food Service

Dr Foods / Next Meats Expands its Vegan Caviar & Foie Gras Into Wedding Halls Across Japan

Tokyo-based food tech Dr. FOODS Inc., a publicly listed corporation on the OTC Market in the USA under the ticker symbol “DRFS”, counting Next Meats Co as a subsidiary, revealed in January its plans to launch vegan fois gras and vegan caviar into the North American market. In April, the company stated it had successfully developed “the world’s first plant-based cultured foie gras“. Although the title of first cultivated foie gras likely belongs to France’s GOURMEY, the distinction lies in the fact that the Japanese product is not created from cultured animal cells, but uses the name “cultured foie gras” since “microorganisms are cultured in the manufacturing process. In the future, the company intends to expand into the boundary area between plant-derived meat and cultured …


The CellMEAT team

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Korea’s CellMEAT Raises $13M After Developing Cultivated Shrimp & Caviar

South Korea-based cultivated seafood company CellMEAT has raised 17.4 billion KRW ($13 million) in Series A funding. The round was led by previous investors BNK Venture Investment, Ryukyung PSG Asset Management, and Strong Ventures. Three new investors — NH Venture Investment, Genting Ventures, and Daewoodang Healthcare — also participated. It comes as CellMEAT prepares to officially open a mass production center in Seoul later this month, after developing cell culture technology that makes large-scale production economically viable. The company is notable for being one of the first worldwide to develop a serum-free cell culture medium, helping to bring down the cost of production while removing the ethical issues associated with fetal bovine serum. Prioritizing technology development CellMEAT previously raised $8.1 million in a funding round …


seaweed caviar

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Algae, Microalgae & Seaweed

Modern Plant Based Foods to Acquire Northern Pacific Caviar, Maker of Seaweed Caviar

Vancouver-based Modern Plant Based Foods Inc has signed a letter of intent with Northern Pacific Caviar to acquire 100% of the company’s shares. Northern Pacific Caviar produces a vegan caviar based on seaweed and chia seeds, said to replicate the consistency of conventional caviar. Through the acquisition, Modern Plant Based Foods will be able to produce and distribute vegan caviar to retail stores, restaurants, and other foodservice locations. The global vegan caviar market is estimated to have reached $295.6 million in 2022 and is expected to reach $632 million by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 7.9%. Sales of vegan caviar are expected to grow rapidly due to increasingly easy availability through online channels. “Restaurants have been looking for a premium vegan product like this …


Next Meats Debuts Steak in California

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Products & Launches

Japan’s Next Meats and Dr. Foods Will Launch Plant-Based Foie Gras, Caviar, and More in US in 2023

Tokyo-based startup Next Meats a spinoff company of Dr. Foods Inc. (OTC: DRFS) together announce they will launch Vegan Fois Gras, Vegan Caviar, and shelf-stable Next Meats products in North America in 2023.  Exclusive debut To debut the new offerings, Next Meats held an exclusive launch on Dec. 14th at the Los Angeles Cooking School and JETRO in Culver City, CA. The event featured the world-renowned Chef Reina, who prepared Next Meat’s offerings in a variety of global dishes, including Beef Stroganoff, Korean BBQ, and Bistek. Dr. Foods Inc. is the inventor of Vegan Foie Gras, described as the first vegetable-based foie gras. Next Meats says Dr. Foods will commence its business in Singapore, the global capital of cell-based food technologies.  Extensive range Next Meats …


Braviar Branston

Braviar © Branston

Company News

Branston Celebrates 100 Years With ‘Braviar’ Vegan Caviar Pickle Hybrid

British legacy brand Branston, maker of the famous sandwich pickle, is celebrating its 100th birthday with a new and unusual innovation: Branston pickle in caviar-style pearls. If that wasn’t amazing enough, it’s also fully vegan. Branston is a household name across the UK, selling 17.8 million jars of its signature pickle in 2021. The product originated in 1922 in the village of Branston near Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. To celebrate the centenary, Branston decided to “do something special to mark the occasion and pay tribute to Branston’s iconic status as one of Britain’s best-loved condiments in a unique and unexpected way,” according to Senior Brand Manager Angharad Wilson Dyer Gough. Branston joins companies including Cavi-art, Albert Heijn, MAGICCAVIAR, and Deli-Caviar in the emerging market for …


CaviArt ketchup caviar

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Market & Trends

Vegan Caviar Market Set for Rapid Growth: Meet the Biggest Players

The global vegan caviar market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% over the next decade, reaching a valuation of over $632 million by 2032. The new data comes from a Future Market Insights report, with demand for vegan caviar driven by increasing environmental concerns for the oceans.  Conventional caviar is unfertilized fish eggs, also known as fish roe, traditionally from endangered wild sturgeon. The fish is caught alive before her ovarian sacks are extracted. Vegan caviar companies are developing cruelty-free and healthy alternatives around the world, with the new report predicting Europe to dominate the global market with a market value share of 32% by 2022 end, followed by APAC.  Cavi-Art Luxury seafood brand Cavi-Art is the producer of the best-selling vegan …


CaviArt roll


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Luxury Seafood Brand Cavi-Art is Developing Seaweed-Based Shrimp

Luxury Seafood Brand Cavi·art®, producer of the best-selling vegan caviar in Europe, is working to expand its range of affordable gourmet seafood alternatives by creating a shrimp alternative made from seaweed. Out to revolutionise the shrimp category Jens Møller Products ApS, the company behind Cavi·art®, uses its long-term experience in working with seaweed to develop vegan alternatives to luxury seafood. Established in 1994 in Denmark, the family-owned company that is known for its vegan caviar, now seeks to revolutionize the shrimp category. The company’s flagship is the seaweed-based Cavi·Art® which it says is the “roe of the future”, which comes in several varieties including black, pink, and even Wasabi flavoured caviar. According to the Danish seafood innovator, Cavi·art® offers an environmentally conscious alternative to caviar, …