WK Kellogg Co Eat Your Mouth Off vegan cereal

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WK Kellogg Co. Unveils First 100% Plant-Based Cereal After Split From Kellogg’s

Today, WK Kellogg Co. launched its first new cereal since its independent formation after a split from Kellogg’s in October of last year. The 100% plant-based cereal line, “Eat Your Mouth Off,” will be available at retailers across the United States starting this month. WK Kellogg Co’s brand portfolio includes the full range of cereals that Kellogg’s is known for, including Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, and more. Notably, many of Kellogg’s popular cereals include vitamin D sourced from lanolin, a derivative of sheep’s wool. Despite thousands of signatures on a petition urging the company to switch to plant-based vitamins, Kellogg’s has not completely phased out lanolin. However, the introduction of Eat Your Mouth Off aligns with WK Kellogg Co’s strategy to …


MEURENS NATURAL at award ceremony


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Meurens Natural Voted Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

Meurens Natural, a Belgian producer of cereal syrups, has been awarded the 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 award; a competition organized by Ernst & Young which gathers a team of experts from the economic and academic world. The company supplies unrefined organic and natural ingredients to the food industry, namely the cereal extracts Sipal® (organic) and Natu® (natural), which are utilised in the production of a range of products including plant-based drinks and yogurts, biscuits, muesli, chocolates, ice creams, and sports products. Meurens Natural currently operates two production sites, employing 85 people, reporting a turnover of €65 million in 2021 and achieving average annual growth of 24% over the past 5 years. Its production process, based on the hydrolysis of cereals, is unique and …


BRAVE sugar-free breakfast cereal


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BRAVE Launches Sugar-Free Breakfast Cereal Made With Pulses

UK plant-based snack brand BRAVE has introduced a grain-free, sugar-free breakfast cereal made from peas and chickpeas. Called Super Hoops, the product is higher in protein and fibre and lower in carbohydrates than most conventional cereals. The cereal also complies with the UK’s HFSS (High in Fat, Sugar, and Salt) regulations, which are set to come into force this October and will restrict the marketing of foods deemed to be less healthy. Super Hoops will initially be available in Original and Cinnamon flavours. According to Brave, the new cereal is not just healthier but also more sustainable than conventional grain-based options, as pulses require less water to grow and have a regenerative effect on the soil. The brand’s existing products are all made from pulses, …


high-protein vegan cereal

Crispy Fantasy, co-founded by Raphaël Nahoum (left) and Andrea Rodrik (right).(PRNewsfoto/Crispy Fantasy)

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Crispy Fantasy Launches “Mind-Blowingly Great” High-Protein Vegan Cereal

Breakfast startup Crispy Fantasy has launched high-protein vegan cereal in Europe. The product contains four times more protein and at least 50% less sugar than many leading cereal brands. Crispy Fantasy is backed by investors including Halo Top co-founder and CEO Doug Bouton, RXBar co-founder Peter Rahal, and investment fund Pareto Holdings. Bouton has described the brand’s cereals as “mind-blowingly great”. The products are gluten-free and contain soy and pea protein, along with other recognisable ingredients such as avocado oil and cocoa powder. Crispy Fantasy says its aim is to “bridge the gap” between sugary cereals and healthy options such as oatmeal. Initially, Crispy Fantasy has launched its chocolate flavour through DTC. The cereal will also be available on Amazon by the end of this …


vegan protein brand Misfits launches cereal

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Hugely Popular Protein Bar Brand Misfits Enters New Category With Healthy Vegan Cereal

On-trend vegan protein brand Misfits, which sold over seven million protein bars sold last year through orders shipped to 99 different countries, is expanding into a new category with the launch of Chocolate and Choc Cinnamon protein cereals, following a recent rebrand. The products are low in sugar, providing a healthier alternative to most flavoured cereals on the market while also being free of gluten and animal products. Misfits says that with the new product launch it is targeting younger consumers who love cereal but are dissatisfied with the high sugar content of most brands. About Misfits Misfits was founded in the UK in 2020 with the aim of satisfying chocolate lovers who are attempting to eat a healthy, plant-based diet. The brand’s current portfolio …


MIGHTY and Weetabix


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MIGHTY and Weetabix Celebrate M.LKOLOGY Launch With Breakfast Bundle Collaboration

MIGHTY and Weetabix have joined forces to launch limited-edition breakfast bundles. The collaboration comes as the British plant milk brand debuts its highly realistic M.LKOLOGY range. Weetabix is the most popular breakfast cereal in the UK, and the collaboration aims to show that M.LKOLOGY tastes as good as cows’ milk on cereal. Consumers can choose from three bundles — Weetabix Protein, Weetabix Organic, and Oatibix. Each comes with two cartons of MIGHTY’s new M.LKOLOGY milks, in Whole and Semi varieties. As part of the collaboration, MIGHTY and Weetabix have also created some unusual recipes using their products, including vegan chicken schnitzel and an overnight cheesecake. International expansion MIGHTY launched in 2018 and quickly became the UK’s leading pea milk brand. The company then expanded with …


W.K. Kellogg by Kids-Blueberry, Apple, Beetroot

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Kellogg’s Develops Vegan Breakfast Cereals for Kids, While its Classic Cereals Still not Vegan Friendly Despite Petitioning

Kellogg’s announced yesterday that its first plant-based children’s cereal range, which belongs to the W.K. Kellogg portfolio, is now available in Swiss retail outlets, following the company’s first launch of the vegan breakfast cereals into major UK retail chains earlier this year.


peeroton sports cereals

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Peeroton Presents Vegan Muesli Made by Athletes for Athletes

For the first time, the leading Austrian sports nutrition manufacturer Peeroton is offering a vegan muesli. The product has been developed by nutrition experts along with athletes and is specially tailored to athletes’ needs. Balanced formula for support in sport and everyday life In collaboration with nutrition experts and athletes, the leading Austrian sports nutrition manufacturer Peeroton has developed a unique formula. With high-quality soy flakes, amaranth, and the patented PANMOL vitamin complex, the muesli is designed to help athletes prepare for great challenges in sport and everyday life. It is made up of a balanced combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Vitamins C, B6, and B12 contribute to proper energy metabolism and the functioning of the immune system. High protein content supported by isomaltulose …