Smoky bacon flavour chickpea puffs


Sweets & Snacks

HIPPEAS and THIS Launch Smoky Bacon Flavour Chickpea Puffs

UK brand HIPPEAS has announced a collaboration with alt-meat producer THIS to launch limited-edition smoky bacon flavour chickpea puffs. The snacks are inspired by the meaty flavour of THIS’ plant-based bacon and lardons, which have both won Great Taste awards. They are fully plant-based and free of gluten, palm oil, and MSG. The chickpea puffs are also a good source of protein and fibre, and are compliant with the HFSS (high in fat, sugar, and salt) regulations which will come into force in the UK in October. As a result, their marketing will not be restricted, unlike many snacks deemed to be less healthy. Award-winning snacks The new limited-edition flavour is the sixth in Hippeas’ award-winning range, which also includes Salt & Vinegar Vibes, Sweet …


ChickP barista coffee

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Food & Beverage

ChickP Develops High-Foaming Chickpea-Based Creamer for the Perfect Cappuccino

ChickP, Ltd., an Israel-based leader in plant proteins, this week announces the introduction of protein isolates customized for barista-style coffee drinks. The company has developed a nutritious chickpea-based creamer that contains all nine essential amino acids. The development follows the product’s success as an egg replacement for plant-based mayonnaise. ChickP states that its technology extracts pure protein from the chickpea while removing bitterness, resulting in an ingredient that demonstrates excellent foaming capabilities and offers a neutral flavor. Additionally, the plant-based barista milk contains 3% protein, compared to many existing plantbased barista products which typically contain less than 1% protein, according to the company. ChickP announced the hiring of new CEO Liat Lachish Levy this January and the closing of its $8 million Series A funding …


chickpea milk brand YoFiit

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Investments & Finance

Global Food and Ingredients Acquires Canadian Chickpea Milk Brand YoFiit

Canadian snack, granola, and chickpea milk brand YoFiit, operated by Your Fitness Dish Inc., has been acquired by Global Food and Ingredients (GFI). GFI is a Canadian plant-based company with a focus on legumes and other high protein specialty crop ingredients. Following the acquisition, YoFiit founder Marie Amazan will continue as the brand’s president, managing products and business development. YoFiit’s chickpea milk is unique due to its high protein and omega 3 content, achieved with the addition of pea protein and flax oil. The milk is sold at health food stores and major grocery chains across Canada, along with YoFiit’s high protein and low sugar snacks. The products are also available via the company’s website and Amazon, in both Canada and the US. Chickpea milk …


InnovoPro Migros

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Products & Launches

Swiss Retail Giant Migros Collaborates with InnovoPro for World’s First Chickpea Yogurt

Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, has announced the launch of world’s first line of dairy-free chickpea yogurts, incorporating InnovoPro’s chickpea protein CP Pro 70. The Israeli food-tech innovator described the collaboration with Migros on its new yogurt line as “a significant milestone for InnovoPro in Europe.”


chickp's milk in a glass with a cup of raw whole chickpeas

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Food & Beverage

ChickP Taps Into the Dairy Alternative Market

ChickP Ltd., a foodTech startup developing innovative plant proteins, launches a line of next-gen chickpea isolates especially designed for plant-based dairy alternative products. This ground-breaking plant protein, developed by the scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, uses patent-pending technology to extract up to 90% pure protein out of the chickpea seed. Global launches of dairy alternative products are triple the rate of new food and beverage launches overall, according to Innova Market Insights. The research group noted a 22% CGR for the period from 2014-2018. Europe is leading the dairy alternative drinks market in terms of launches, accounting for 38% of dairy alternative drink launches tracked globally in 2018. The new chickpea isolates offer exceptional beneficial characteristics that help alternative dairy producers overcome challenges …


Innovopro beverage

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First Non-Dairy Beverage Based on Innovopro’s Chickpea Protein is Launched

Wyler Farms, one of Israel’s leading tofu companies, and Innovopro, a leading FoodTech Start-Up, have entered into a cooperation for the launch of non-dairy products in the Israeli market. Innovopro’s CP-Pro 70® chickpea protein concentrate is part of a new innovative non-dairy beverage product line to be launched by Wyler Farms in Israel.