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Ipsos Survey: A Huge 73% of Chileans Would Consume Plant-Based Products

Market research company Ipsos, along with non-profit Vegetarianos Hoy, has published a report titled “Public Opinion Study: Plant-based Foods”, regarding the knowledge and consumption of meat-free foods in Chile. The survey reveals that 73% are likely or very likely to consume a plant-based product of equal or better nutritional quality than the animal-based alternative, an increase of 12 points compared to the previous survey. In addition, 72% would buy plant-based products at similar or even lower prices than animal-based products. The plant-based situation in Chile Interest in plant-based foods is growing in Chile. For example, as we reported in January, product sales in the Horeca segment grew by an impressive 41% in 2022. Sadly, however, the Chilean government recently passed a bill to redefine the …