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This Winter Streetwear Collection Features Vegan Puffa Coats With Faux Down

German streetwear label Alife & Kickin announces its autumn/winter collection featuring vegan puffa coats with fake down and recycled materials, with a focus on “100% vegan fashion – from the label to the zipper.”   According to the brand, the vegan replacement for animal down is imitated from polyester and is officially called Pearl Padding. Animal-derived materials such as wool, leather, fur and silk are also replaced by sustainable, certified raw materials such as organic cotton, Lyocell and recycled nylon and polyester.   Speaking to vegconomist today, Head of Sales Vito Catalano, explains: “Sustainability is what makes the small but huge difference. Because in a world where commerce and price are above all else, we must not forget sustainability. We consistently implement this credo in …