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Sprüngli Launches Vegan Praline Chocolates with Cocoa Fruit Juice

Swiss chocolatier Sprüngli presents new vegan pralines in the form of bâtons made from three Grand Cru fine chocolate combined with fresh cocoa fruit juice. Two years ago, the company created the first Swiss Grand Cru chocolate made from 100% cocoa fruit, consisting of two ingredients: fine cocoa beans from Bolivia, and fresh cocoa fruit juice. With the new launch which debuts this September, Sprüngli once again uses fresh cocoa fruit juice in combination with fine cocoas from Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. Bâtons Grand Cru Maracaibo Bâtons with a ganache made from Grand Cru Maracaibo 65%. The cocoa originates from Venezuela and offers an intense cocoa flavour with coffee and plum aromas. Bâtons Grand Cru Arriba Bâtons with a ganache made from Grand Cru Arriba …


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$4M Invested in California Cultured’s Cell-Cultured Chocolate to Solve Deforestation and Child Labor in Cocoa

Agronomics has led a Seed Funding Round for California Cultured, a food-tech company based in Davis, California, which utilises cell culture technology to produce cocoa products like cocoa powder, chocolate, cocoa butter and flavanols in order to circumvent the serious issues arising from cocoa production such as deforestation and child slave labor. California Cultured was founded by cell-culture technology veterans Alan Perlstein and Harrison Yoon, as a way to address the need for more ethical and environmentally friendly methods of chocolate production. The company says, “We select cacao varieties with the best organoleptic properties, take a handful of cells and keep them growing infinitely. We do this by equipping the cells with a proper set of plant nutrients which allows for rapid growth. We harvest …


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Goodio: “Cocoa Will Have the Love and Respect it Deserves.”

Many people can no longer imagine their daily lives without chocolate. But most consumers don’t realise that their low-priced sweet treats often have a bitter aftertaste for cocoa farmers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The Scandinavian company Goodio aims not just to increase appreciation of chocolate, but also to create a better (entrepreneurial) world with radical transparency. We interviewed Goodio about this mission and their new ChocOats.