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Planted Launches the “Cleanest Lyoner Cold Cut on the Market” at Coop Switzerland

Swiss foodtech startup Planted announces the launch of its first plant-based cold cut in Swiss retail through a distribution deal with Coop. The cold cut is an alternative to the Lyoner Wurst style of meat, often referred to as German bologna, and marks Planted’s entrance into the charcuterie category. According to Planted, the cold cut is produced with all-natural ingredients and as such is “the cleanest Lyoner cold cut on the market”. Additionally, compared to its animal counterpart, the plant-based Lyoner creates 34% less CO2 and uses 51% less water, making it an environmentally friendlier option to standard cuts of meat that are sliced from the flesh of an animal. The vegan Lyoner meat is created with pea protein, rapeseed oil, water, spices, yeast, salt, …