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Financing Food Fast: Take-Aways from COP28

As I write this, still on the ground in Dubai, I am struck by so many swift moves to bring sustainable food systems change through diversified proteins to the forefront of not just the climate conversation, but the climate strategy and execution conversation. As I come down from my four speaking engagements in the Blue Zone, I can’t believe the rapid zeitgeist shift, writes Elysabeth Alfano. Only last year, when I spoke at COP27, I was pushing to be heard, along with dedicated colleges at the Food4Climate, Food Systems pavilions, The Good Food Institute (GFI), Mighty Earth, Food Tank, FAIRR and so many others that food systems transition was not only key to the climate change conversation, but that we simply couldn’t hold on to …


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The Director of UN Affairs at ProVeg International, Raphael Podselver, at COP28

The Director of UN Affairs at ProVeg International, Raphael Podselver, joins Elysabeth to highlight the advancements surrounding food transformation based on diversified proteins at COP28 on this episode of The Plantbased Business Hour. Specifically, they discuss the list of the many steps forward. Below is a highlight clip and transcription with Raphael Podselver. Podcast here. Elysabeth: Director of UN Affairs at ProVeg, Raphael Podselver, thank you for being with me. Raphael Podselver: It’s a pleasure. It’s great to be with you, Elysabeth. Elysabeth: What has happened thus far? Raphael Podselver: I think a lot has happened. Usually I wouldn’t take notes after a COP because nothing happens on food systems and you try to do things and have side events to engage with negotiators. I have …


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COP28: Why is the Decision to Have Two-Thirds Plant-Based Catering Important?

Note: the opinions stated in this article are those of ProVeg International which contributes these entries each week as part of its New Food Hub series. While we do of course have a shared mission, the views expressed within the series are not necessarily always shared by this publication. As COP28 well and truly kicks off, the decision to embrace two-thirds of plant-based catering has been welcomed. This shift towards a predominantly plant-based menu holds immense significance as climate change threatens global stability. COP28, hosted by the UAE (November 30 – December 12, 2023), will be a momentous occasion for the world to unite in addressing global sustainability challenges and halting climate change. In its recent New Food Hub article, ProVeg International explored the significance …


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Plant-Based Activists Take a Seat at COP28 While Big Meat & Dairy Arrive in Full Force to Launch Counter-Attack

COP28, the United Nations’ climate conference, starts today in Dubai and will continue until December 12. And while work is being done by climate and food activists at the event to bring the urgency of addressing food system change into focus, the meat and dairy industry is in town sharpening tools in preparation for what could be effectively the biggest greenwashing operation the world has ever seen. It may come as no surprise that the event, attended by world leaders and multi-billionaires, with the UK Prime Minister, King Charles, and Foreign Secretary David Cameron all arriving in separate jets, serves as a platform for those in power and that their strategy would be galvanised this year in order to oppose those petitioning against the consumption …


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COP28 Set to Finally Address Food System for Climate Change, Catering Will Be “Predominantly” Plant-Based

COP28, the annual UN environmental summit taking place this year in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, will emphasize the imperative of a global dietary shift to combat climate change, representing the first time the event has addressed food system change as part of climate disaster mitigation. Notably, unlike previous COP events, the COP28 Presidency has also committed to predominantly plant-based catering along with emissions labelling on food. Additionally, it will introduce a dedicated Food Day and mark the debut of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) roadmap to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, a coalition of NGOs will once again hold a Food4Climate Pavilion, marking the second time that COP has hosted the Pavilion, the only dedicated Pavilion to …