UNLIMEAT 2 Hands corn dog


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Cult Chain Two Hands Launches UNLIMEAT Vegan Corn Dogs in Response to Demand

UNLIMEAT, formed in South Korea and also operating from the US, announces a collaboration with Two Hands, a US franchise offering a range of Korean-style corn dogs, to launch a vegan option containing UNLIMEAT’s vegan sausage, in response to growing consumer demand. Two Hands Corn Dogs operates in more than 60 locations throughout the US and states there are hundreds more branches set to open across the rest of 2023. The business has gained attention in the United States for its unique offering of a diverse range of fillings and coatings, with the UNLIMEAT collab representing the chain’s first vegan option. UNLIMEAT claims that it runs the largest plant-based meat-exclusive factory in Asia, with a wide portfolio including several products suitable for the American palette …