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Cremaura Offers “Delightful and Guilt-Free” Vegan Tequila Liqueurs

Cremaura Tequila is a new UK brand offering plant-based tequila cream liqueurs. The products are also gluten-free, with the aim of being inclusive for everyone. The liqueurs are available in four flavours — rose, orange, café, and chocolate — with more additions reportedly coming soon. The beverages feature sustainable packaging, including recycled glass bottles, sugar cane heat seals, and recyclable cardboard. Cremaura recently announced a partnership with leading West Midlands drinks wholesaler Swallow Wholesale Drinks Solutions, and has reported growing interest from other wholesalers. For Valentine’s Day, the company partnered with Bolicious Vegan Chocolates to offer a range of chocolate liqueurs in the flavours hazelnut, tiramisu, orange, and dark rose gianduja. Despite being a relatively new brand, Cremaura is already available at various bar groups, …


Baileys Almande

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Plant-Based Liqueurs for a Very Merry Vegan Christmas

The holiday season marks a strategic opportunity for brands to innovate and expand their product lines with vegan-friendly options. Recognizing the growing consumer demand for plant-based alternatives, several leading beverage producers are actively diversifying their portfolios. The success of pioneering products such as Baileys Almande inspires a wave of new launches each year, particularly around the festive season. These plant-based liqueurs, ranging from rich almond-infused varieties to smooth, oat-based formulations, cater to a broad market segment, including vegans and those exploring dairy-free options, offering an indulgent experience perfectly suited for the holiday season. 1. Baileys Almande  Baileys Almande is a festive favorite for those seeking a vegan-friendly liqueur. Launched in 2017 and crafted with Irish whiskey, almond milk, sugar, and vanilla extract, this rendition of …


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Plant-Based Cream Liqueur Brand LUSTRE Launches Across the UK

Drinks producer and distributor Global Brands is launching a plant-based cream liqueur at various bars, pubs, and late-night venues across the UK. Known as LUSTRE, the liqueur will be available in three flavours — pineapple cream with rum, strawberry cream with tequila, and caffe latte cream with vodka. All flavours are described as “easy drinking” with “a thick, creamy mouthfeel”. The liqueur’s base is made from a blend of soy protein and coconut oil. It is said to generate three times fewer carbon emissions per litre than dairy liqueurs, while requiring 95% less water to produce. Vegan liqueur In 2018, Bailey’s became one of the first brands to launch a plant-based cream liqueur, while Bom Bom launched a hemp milk variety. Last year saw the …


Maren Herrmann, Senior Innovation & Commercialisation Manager bei der Diageo Germany GmbH

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Baileys Almande: Vegan Cream Liqueur Breaks into New Markets

“We’ll never be this young again!” is something older ladies like to exclaim over a liqueur. But cream liqueurs are not a dusty niche product. That has become especially apparent with the introduction of Baileys Almande – a cream liqueur that appeals to the rather younger target group of healthy and vegan consumers. In an interview with the PR department of Diageo Germany, we learned more about the (vegan) developments in the company.