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Vegan Food Delivery Soars in Chile as Uber Eats Sees 45% Increase in Vegan Offerings

To celebrate Vegan World Month with good news, the charity Veganuary and Uber Eats have revealed positive findings from their latest research on vegan food delivery in Chile: more restaurants are offering vegan food on the app. Figures from the analysis show that the vegan category of Uber Eats has experienced a 45% increase compared to the previous year. And interestingly, it has already surpassed the 2022 growth mark so far this year.  “We have seen that there is a great interest on the part of app users to open up to new options. At the same time, restaurants and associated businesses have made an effort to satisfy these new consumer trends, offering much more. Therefore, we believe that this is a trend that will continue to grow”, says Verónica …


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Just Eat Joins Veganuary, Reveals 12% of Spanish Consumers Participate in the Challenge

Just Eat, a food delivery platform operating in more than 20 countries, has joined Veganuary 2023 by adding a new section for veggie options to its app to promote and increase vegetable consumption during January. Spanish consumers practicing Veganuary Just Eat conducted a survey with IPSOS Digital to provide data on Spanish consumers’ attitudes toward following a plant-based diet, revealing that 12% of Spanish consumers were practicing Veganuary. The study also showed that 17% of Spanish consumers have already reduced their meat intake in their regular diet. Furthermore, according to the study, the main reasons for eating vegan or vegetarian food among the respondents were: taste (38%), health (36%), and sustainability (26%).  “This shows that the prejudice towards this type of food is decreasing and clearly reflects the global …


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Five Ways to Reach New Consumers Through Taste Marketing

Research has shown that taste is the primary motivator for plant-based food purchases, and the good news is that the food produced by many plant-based brands is super tasty! But many consumers don’t yet know this. So how do you get a consumer to taste your product before they purchase it? ProVeg International has recently published a whitepaper which details the most effective ways to leverage taste marketing to attract new customers. These strategies include engaging with: Quick commerce Influencer giveaways Chefs and food services Food trucks In-store discounts Food service as a taste-based marketing strategy Food service in particular is a great taste-centred marketing strategy. Consumers are more likely to experiment with new flavours when dining out than when ordering delivery food, and over …


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Vegan Food for Cancer Patients: Delivery Service MamaSezz Collaborates with Research Institute

The American vegan delivery service MamaSezz and the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) recently announced that they will enter into a collaboration. Together, they will provide cancer patients and survivors with healthy, plant-based meals which have been shown to help prevent and treat cancer. The announcement follows the publication of the AICR report “Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: A Global Perspective”, which provides a comprehensive overview of current cancer prevention research. The report highlights the role of plant-based nutrition in cancer prevention and shows that a vegan diet can support cancer treatment and patient survival. Together, AICR and MamaSezz have developed ready-to-eat meals. “The American Institute for Cancer Research Bundle offers you the best food when you need it most,” says MamaSezz co-founder …


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Fiid: “The Vegan Market in Ireland Has Exploded…Competition Is Fierce but We Welcome It”

FIID Founder Shane Ryan
FIID Founder Shane Ryan

The global market for ready meals was valued at $72,257 million in 2016, and is expected to reach $146,247 million by 2023. At the same time, the average consumer is more conscious of health and lifestyle choices, so vegan and health-forward meal box delivery service Fiid is operating in a from a privileged gap in the market and already seeing rapid success.