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Superlatus Announces Planned Expansion into Pet Food Market, Beginning with Baked Plant-Based Treats

Superlatus, Inc., a food tech and distribution organization that recently completed a merger with pharmaceutical exchange platform provider TRxADE HEALTH, Inc., has revealed its strategic move to penetrate the global pet foods market, focusing on plant-based, high-protein pet foods and snacks. Notably, following the merger of Superlatus and TRxADE HEALTH, the combined entity made significant strides in the plant-based food industry. They recently expanded their portfolio by acquiring Perfect Day’s Animal-Free Brands through the acquisition of The Urgent Company. Only two days after acquiring The Urgent Company, Superlatus unveiled plans to launch a pulse protein snack in the United States in early 2024 under the recently acquired Brave Robot brand, well-known for its vegan dairy-free ice creams. The expansion into the pet food market will …


HOWND range of wellness treats for dogs


Pet Food

HOWND Launches Plant-Based Dog Wellness Treats Including Innovative Algae Alternative to Chondroitin

HOWND, a vegan dog food brand based in the UK, announces the launch of a new range called Wellness Treats, with one unique treat for older dogs which includes a groundbreaking algae alternative to chondroitin, a supplement derived from animal cartilage which is beneficial for dogs with mobility issues. The products, which come in five flavours, are designed to promote optimal health and overall wellbeing for dogs of all life stages. The range features: Golden Oldies — A treat for older dogs, featuring an innovative algae-based alternative to the supplement chondroitin which is important for joint health. HOWND is the first pet food brand to use the vegan supplement, which is called Phytodroitin. The treats also include glucosamine and sunflower hearts. Got an Itch? — …


Tender/ True Plant-Based Dog Treats

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Tender & True Debuts Its First Line of Plant-Based, Upcycled Dog Treats

Pet food brand Tender & True announces the launch of its first plant-based dog treats. Made with upcycled ingredients, the new PB+ line includes three formulas featuring whole fruits and vegetables, reports Pet Food Processing. According to Tender & True, the PB+ name plays on the inclusion of 100% plant-based ingredients and natural peanut butter flavors. The new range is low in fat and calories and includes: PB+ Banana Recipe – sweet potato, flaxseed and banana PB+ Berries Recipe – sweet potato, blueberries, cranberries, flaxseed and rolled oats. –  PB+ Honey Recipe – sweet potato, apples, dried honey and rolled oats. Tender & True says the products are nut free, while still including a natural peanut butter flavoring. All three recipes also include pea protein, apple …


Clif Bar Plant-Based Dog Treats

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Pet Food

Clif Bar Launches CLIF PET Plant-Based Jerky at US Petco Stores Nationwide

American pet retailer Petco announces the launch of CLIF PET, the first line of plant-based jerky for dogs by snack brand Clif Bar and Company. Offered exclusively at US Petco stores and online, the CLIF PET jerky collection is a sustainable and innovative addition to the retailer’s curated assortment of treats and chews, says Petco.  Healthier dog treats CLIF PET represents Clif Bar’s first expansion into pet products, and features planet-friendly plant protein along with seven, easy-to-digest ingredients. Available in three flavors – Sweet Potato & Blueberry , Pumpkin & Apple and Butternut Squash & Cranberry – CLIF PET has a tender, easy-to-tear texture and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The product is available in 5 or 12-oz bags at a price range …


Clif Pet Plant-Based Jerky Family

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Pet Food

Clif Bar Leaps Into Pet Food with New Plant-Based Dog Treats

Clif Bar & Company, a leading maker of organic energy bars, is moving into the pet food category with a new line of plant-based dog treats. According to Pet Food Processing, CLIF Pet’s Plant-Based Jerky will launch in early 2022 with three recipes: Sweet Potato & Blueberry, Pumpkin & Apple and Butternut Squash & Cranberry. Each flavor contains just seven ingredients and is formulated for easy digestion, with additional product SKU’s rolling out in the near future.  Clif Bar is distinguished among sports energy bars for being largely plant-based and organic. The company also owns the popular brands CLIF Kids and LUNA bars. By venturing into pet snacks, Clif Bar will become one of the few mainstream food companies to extend its products in such …