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Study Finds Good Health Outcomes in Dogs Fed a Plant-Based Diet

A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found equally good health outcomes in dogs eating plant-based and meat-based diets. For three months, the study (conducted at Canada’s University of Guelph) fed 31 dogs an experimental extruded vegan food, while 30 dogs received a commercial extruded meat-based food. Comprehensive tests were then conducted using blood and urine tests, x-rays, and veterinary examinations. The results showed that all dogs maintained their health parameters and body weight throughout the three-month period. In particular, the study examined whether vitamin D2 (found in plants) would be as beneficial as vitamin D3 (found in meat). The study concluded that vitamin D2 is efficacious in maintaining dogs’ total vitamin D levels. There was no impact on bone mineral …


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Wild Earth’s Koji-Based, Meat-Free Dog Food Now Available at Walmart

Wild Earth, makers of sustainable plant-based dog food, announces the company’s superfood dry kibble will now be sold at Walmart, the world’s largest retailer. Wild Earth CEO Ryan Bethencourt broke the news on social media, and it appears the product is already listed on Walmart’s online shopping page. Made from ingredients like chickpeas, sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach and oats, Wild Earth’s kibble is formulated to provide a healthier, cruelty-free alternative to conventional pet food. Developed with a team of scientists and veterinarians, the brand says its foods, based on koji protein, provide digestive and allergy relief for dogs with food sensitivities, while promoting healthier skin and coats.  700% growth in two years Wild Earth first achieved major success through Shark Tank, where Mark Cuban closed an …





VEGDOG: “Our Goal is to Continue to Focus on Innovation and Lead the European Vegan Dog Food Market”

Germany’s VEGDOG is the first pet food manufacturer to specialise in 100% plant-based and gluten-free complete dog food. The idea behind the brand comes from company founder Tessa Zaune-Figlar and is based on a personal experience as a dog owner. After a one-year development phase, VEGDOG celebrated its market launch in 2016 and presented the brand’s first innovative wet food products. VEGDOG was established in 2016, what is the idea for VEGDOG’s foundation as a 100% plant-based complete dog food? Tessa Zaune-Figlar, founder and CEO: My Shephard-mix Nelson suffered from a severe food allergy, therefore, our veterinarian suggested cutting all animal components from his diet. Nelson, on a vegan diet? Honestly, I was sceptical at first, but to help Nelson, I was willing to try …


Studies & Numbers

ADM’s 8 Next Big Consumer Trends Include Plant-Based Lifestyle and a Focus on Healthy Pets

ADM released its second annual list of global consumer trends this week, with the number two spot dedicated to plant-based lifestyle, which it states has been catalysed by the pandemic, and two sections relating to the “humanization of pets” and a focus on the health and wellness of our companion animals. “COVID-19, which has accelerated interest in plant-based, as a health-forward alternative for consumers who are paying close attention to their body’s nutritional needs” Below are the eight key consumer trends fueling current and future global growth as described by ADM: 1. Nourishment for the Whole Self  “Consumers want to be more proactive about supporting their mind and body through a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle. While this is a long-term trend, the recent …


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Eyebrows Raised as Mars Launches KARMA “Plant-First” Dog Food That Contains Meat

One of the biggest companies in the global pet food industry, Mars Petcare, has introduced a new brand of sustainability-focused dog food. Called KARMA, the new range is marketed as “plant-first” though both products in the line contain meat.  Coming in recyclable bags designed by TerraCycle, the KARMA dog food line claims to provide dogs with “plant-based superfoods”, with more than 60 percent of the recipe made up of plants. Back in 2019, vegconomist reported that the producer of Whiskas and Pedigree was looking to develop meat-free pet protein products, and the KARMA line looks to be a step in that direction despite not actually being meat-free.  The terms “plant-first” or “plant-forward” are becoming popular with producers keen to promote their sustainability credentials, even though …