CJ Cheiljedang Bibigo plant-based dumplings

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CJ Cheiljedang Launches New Plant-Based Dumplings in the UK, Australia & Singapore

South Korean food company CJ Cheiljedang has expanded its plant-based dumpling range, sold under the brand name Bibigo, with two new products. The steamed dumplings are available in the varieties Japchae (stir-fried glass noodles with plant-based beef and vegetables) and Green Chili. They have initially been launched in the UK, Australia, and Singapore. CJ Cheiljedang already exports a range of dumplings and other plant-based products to around 30 countries worldwide, including Germany, India, and the US. However, the brand’s original dumplings are sold in pouches, whereas the new products come in a microwaveable tray for easier preparation. If the new format proves popular, it will be expanded to other export markets. CJ Cheiljedang launched its first plant-based products — including dumplings containing a meat alternative …


Haofood expands its product portfolio with dumplings filled with peanut mince

Image credit: Taobao

Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Haofood Revolutionizes Dumplings with Peanut Meat Filling that Mimics Pork Mince

China’s Haofood, the first company in the world to use peanut protein to make plant-based chicken, expands its portfolio with a new vegan development: black truffle flavor dumplings (xiao long bao) filled with peanut meat and soup.   Traditionally, pork mince is the star ingredient for xiao long bao filings. However, harnessing its extrusion technology and formulations, Haofood has managed to develop a peanut-based meat that replicates the texture and characteristics of steamed pork mince. The new dumplings, among the first vegan options for pork mince in the market, are already available on Taobao, the Chinese online shopping platform. Outside of China, Astrid Prajogo, the founder of Haofood, unveiled the new peanut mince dumplings at Proveg Incubator headquarters in Berlin. Before launching into the plant-based business world, Haofood participated …


Bao buns


Products & Launches

OMNI Launches Vegan Bao Buns and Crystal Dumplings in the US

Hong Kong-based alt meat brand OMNI is set to launch two new appetizers — vegan bao buns and crystal dumplings — in the US in the coming months. Each Asian-inspired recipe has been developed by a Michelin-starred dim sum specialist. The bao buns will be available in the flavours teriyaki and gochujang, and are made with a proprietary formula for an authentic fluffy texture. The dumplings feature vegetables and minced plant-based meat, encased in a soft and chewy translucent wrapper. Updated packaging The launches come as OMNI US announces a packaging update for its range of meat alternatives. These include Crab-Style Cakes, Golden Fish-Style Fillet, Classic Fish-Style Fillet, Meat-Style Luncheon, Pork-Style Ground, and Pork-Style Strips. The update will also apply to the brand’s existing appetisers, …


Fermented shrimp dumpling

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Aqua Cultured Develops Minced Seafood Dumplings for Asian Go-To Market Partners

Alt seafood startup Aqua Cultured Foods announces it has created a minced dumpling filling for its future go-to-market Asian food partners. One of the company’s new options is a bulk shrimp alternative that can be seasoned, packaged and co-branded by retailers or distributors. Aqua, which produces mycoprotein-based seafood using fermentation, is primarily known for developing whole-muscle cut, sushi-quality filets. However, minced seafood dumplings present another lucrative and highly accessible market opportunity. As dietary staples in countries like China, South Korea, and Japan, frozen dumplings – known variously as mandu, gyoza or jiaozi – make up a $5.8Bn global market, and its value is expected to grow to $10Bn by the end of 2027.  Unlike whole cuts of high-grade fish, dumplings can utilize off-cuts, trim and …


Rainbao Colorful Plant-Based Dumplings

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Products & Launches

Rainbao Dumplings Launches Colorful Asian Buns Filled with Plant-Based OmniPork

Rainbao Dumplings, a manufacturer of traditional Xiao Long Bao dumplings, is launching its range of brightly-colored buns filled with plant-based meat and seafood. The brand’s latest recipe, Golden Egg, features a plant-based chorizo made with leading Asian alt-protein brand OmniPork. Rainbao is also showcasing its line at the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Show from Aug. 28th – 30th in LA.  Founded by Jim Saunders and Cindy Liu, Rainbao specializes in providing plant-based Xiao Long Bao dumplings to both foodservice partners and retail consumers. “Xiao Long Bao” refers to a traditional type of small Chinese bun prepared in a steam basket.  According to Rainbao, their multcolored, plant-forward dumplings offer the authentic taste and texture of conventional beef, pork, chicken and seafood. Available in flavors such as …


Davai Dumplings team

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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

Ter Beke Invests Half a Million Euros in Davai Dumplings

Davai Dumplings of Belgium announces it has entered into a strategic partnership with food group Ter Beke. The deal involves an investment of more than 500,000 euros for the young brand’s frozen vegan dumplings. Davai reports to vegconomist that Ter Beke is looking to diversify its portfolio and move into plant-based and the news represents the group’s first ever startup investment. Success for the young founders The Ghent-based startup was founded in 2016 by then students Ruslan Podgaetskiy and Maybritt Devriese who will receive half a million euros for the Ghent vegan dumplings. Ter Beke will provide assistance in the marketing, distribution and internationalization of the Davai brand. According to the startup, the collaboration symbolizes an investment in making the food sector more sustainable. The …


O'Food Mandu Dumplings


Products & Launches

S.Korea: O’Food Launches Plant-Based Mandu & Vegan Pork Belly Coming Soon

O’Food, a subsidiary brand of one of Korea’s leading food companies, Daesang, is to launch a new Plant-Based Mandu into the US market. The move comes as interest in Korean-inspired food continues to rise and intersect with the growth of plant-based ready meals and convenience foods. Mandu are classic Korean dumplings that are steamed, boiled or pan-fried. The Mandu products are made with thin wrappers and filled with traditional Korean ingredients. O’Food is releasing the Plant-Based Mandu, a meatless version in two flavors, including Gochujang – a sweet and spicy fermented condiment popular in Korean cooking – and K-BBQ. The products are available across the US in select stores including Associated Supermarket and Jungle Jims. Meanwhile, Korean startup Intake – recently selected to receive support …


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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Plant Sifu Launches Vegan Pork and Dumplings in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based Good Food Technologies has launched a new brand of vegan pork and dumplings called Plant Sifu. The pork alternative used in the products is made using AROMAX, the company’s proprietary fat technology. According to Good Food Technologies, the vegan pork is lower in calories, fat, and sodium than the conventional variety. Plant-based gelatin structures made from konjac (an East Asian plant) allow for an improved taste and texture while maintaining a good nutritional profile. Disrupting the market In March, Good Food Technologies raised HK$12 million in its seed funding round, which it will use to expand into China and increase R&D efforts. The company is hoping to disrupt the huge Chinese pork market, which is the largest in the world. Pork alternatives in …


OmniPork boiled dumplings by BaFang YunJi, biggest QSR in Taiwan


Food & Beverage

Taiwan: One Million OmniPork Dumplings Sold Every Week Since January Launch

Taiwan’s biggest quick service restaurant chain, Bafang Yunji, is partnering with Green Monday to debut its first plant based dumplings across the country. Two plant based options – OmniPork pan-fried dumplings and OmniPork boiled dumplings – are available at nearly 1,000 stores across Taiwan and priced at TWD6 each.