Climate change and global warming concept. Children sitting on drying lake with the sky turning orange by an pollution from industrial or city.

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High Meat Consumption Endangers Global Food Supply Concludes Report

PwC Strategy& recently launched a report entitled “The Coming Sustainable Food Revolution,” which concludes that the current food production model is jeopardizing the future global food supply. The greatest threat, it finds, comes from the unsustainable farming practices needed to supply the high demand for meat consumption. The report also emphasizes that changing eating habits is crucial for minimizing food production impacts on the environment and that future generations will struggle to farm if our practices do not change. Shift is slow but meaningful The current shift in industrialised countries from meat towards a more varied, plant-based diet is slow but meaningful, says the report. According to a new survey, meat consumption is declining in Europe, but seemingly the shift should be more urgent. “Even …