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Market & Trends

Kroger Witnesses a Staggering 75% Increase in Sales of Plant-Based Meat March – June

Kroger, the largest grocery retailer in America, recently participated in a trial with PBFA to determine the effects of plant-based meat sales when placed next to animal meat. The results from Feburary showed a 23% uptake in  plant-based sales and since then, Kroger reveals a continuous increase to a current 75%.  Here we analyse the factors.


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Studies & Numbers

Global Consumers Increasing Intake of Plant-Based Foods Rises From 18% to 26% April – July

COVID-19 has been demonstrated in several studies to have impacted the plant-based industry as consumers are becoming more conscious than ever about their diets and want to live a healthier lifestyle. A recent survey shows how much attitudes have changed towards plantbased around the world between April and July of this year.