The EVERY Co. has partnered with Canada’s Landish Foods, to launch FERMY, a new line of ready-to-mix protein powders featuring its precision fermentation-derived egg white protein.

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

The EVERY Co. and Landish Unveil FERMY Functional Coffee & Latte Mixes with Fermented Egg Proteins

US biotech The EVERY Co. announces it has partnered with Canada’s Landish Foods, a nutritional wellness products leader in North America, to launch FERMY, a new line of ready-to-mix protein powders for beverages featuring its precision fermentation-derived egg white protein. The new products under the new brand FERMY — Protein Coffee Enhancer and Protein Matcha Latte — offer 8 grams of digestible egg protein, as well as other brain-boosting ingredients such as MCT oil and lion’s mane mushroom. The products cater to consumers looking to maintain health-focused lifestyles with products that integrate seamlessly into their morning routines without sacrificing taste or convenience. Daniel Novak, CEO of Landish Foods, comments, “So many of us with rushed mornings are not getting enough protein to start the day, …


Float Foods now offers its "revolutionary" technology for producing plant-based egg ingredients to food manufacturers.

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Manufacturing & Technology

Float Foods Introduces Licensed Technology for Plant-Based Egg Yolk Manufacturing

Singapore’s plant-based egg brand, Float Foods, known for its OnlyEg products, including Eg Yolk and OnlyEg Patties, announces that it has received the FSSC 22000 License (Food Safety System Certification) for its already Halal-certified facility.  After this manufacturing milestone, Float Foods now offers its “revolutionary” technology for producing plant-based egg ingredients to food producers seeking to eliminate hen eggs from their production processes. Float Foods has developed a “machine” to create alternatives to eggs that are said to have the same taste and texture as traditional eggs: yolks that ooze and egg whites with bouncy elastic texture and elasticity. They can be served ‘raw’ or used as an ingredient in multiple applications, including pasta, noodles, sauces, pastries, mayonnaise, and baking products. Vinita Choolani, Float Foods’ founder …


Umami United raises funds to develop an egg white replacer for bakery and confectionary applications

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Investments & Finance

Umami United Secures Funds to Develop Egg White Replacer, Bringing Total Raised to JPY 240M

Japanese food tech company Umami United announces the closure of a Pre-Series A round as Japanese interest in egg alternatives continues to thrive. The round was led by Beyond Next Ventures, a VC supporting early-stage entrepreneurs across Japan and India. Genesia Ventures, a Tokyo-based investor focusing on sustainability, also backed the food tech in this round. The total investment that Umami United has received to date is JPY 240 million. Headquartered in Singapore, Umami United develops plant-based eggs for the food industry. The company claims its product replicates the sensory attributes and functionalities of eggs, offering multiple applications for prepared foods and confectionery goods. With the new capital, the company will increase its R&D capabilities to develop an egg white replacer for the bakery and confectionery …


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Onego Bio’s Animal-Free Egg White Wins Fast Company 2023 World Changing Ideas Award

Fermentation startup Onego Bio announces its development of Bioalbumen™, an animal-free egg white protein, has been selected as a winner in Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards. Bioalbumen was named the Winner of the Food category and a Finalist in the Agriculture category.  Produced with precision fermentation, Bioalbumen harnesses a scalable biotech process that uses the microorganism Trichoderma reesei. In a method akin to beer production, the microbes are fed water, sugar, and certain minerals to produce Bioalbumen powder, which is identical to egg white protein powder.  According to Onego Bio, Bioalbumen provides all the nutritional and functional benefits of egg whites without the environmental, safety and supply chain concerns of chicken eggs. The product also maintains the performance of real egg whites, including …


Plant-based egg white

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Egg Alternatives

Schouten Europe Launches “Innovative and Versatile” Plant-Based Egg White

Schouten Europe, a Netherlands-based producer of vegetarian and vegan products, has launched its first plant-based egg white. The product is said to look and taste like chicken egg whites, while providing the same nutritional benefits. It takes far fewer resources to produce than conventional eggs, and is suitable for those with egg allergies. Described as a versatile ingredient, the plant-based egg white can be used in a range of applications such as spreads, salads, wraps, and sandwiches. It is made from soy protein and rapeseed oil, and has a chilled shelf life of three months. “We are excited about introducing our plant-based egg white to the market and helping accelerate the shift to more sustainable food production,” says Schouten. “We believe our innovative solution is …


Every Co. Eggs

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Investments & Finance

Anna Hathaway Invests in The EVERY Co. to Accelerate Chicken-Free Egg Proteins

Food tech startup The EVERY Co. announces actress Anne Hathaway has invested in its animal-free egg platform for an undisclosed amount. The backing marks Hathway’s first B2B investment, and will help drive the company’s momentum as it prepares to expand into a variety of channels.  According to EVERY, Hathaway was drawn to impact investing after making lifestyle adjustments to reduce her consumption of meat and single-use plastics. She cites EVERY’s impact, technology and nutrition advantages as key influences in her decision to support the company.  “The need to transform our food system has never been clearer or more urgent,” shared Hathaway. “An important piece of the puzzle is in nature-equivalent animal proteins, such as EVERY has been developing. I’m proud to back this vision of …


Nepra Egg White Replacer

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Products & Launches

Nepra Foods Launches Commercial Production of Egg White Replacer for Baking

Colorado-based Nepra Foods announces it has begun commercial production and in-plant trials of its Essential brand Egg White Replacement Powder (EPB-ER1), a proprietary egg white replacer for wholesale bakeries. According to Nepra, which produces a range of nutritious and allergen-friendly foods, the plant-based powder is intended for producers who want to remove or reduce eggs in an existing product formulation.  Lowering costs While most plant-based egg products on the market replace the taste and texture of whole cooked eggs, such as scrambled eggs, Nepra’s EPB-ER1 is designed for commercial bakers that use a chicken-based egg white powder, but are looking to switch to an animal-free alternative.  Egg white powder is an important ingredient for large bakeries, which often rely on the unique structural and binding …


OnlyEg Float Foods

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Egg Alternatives

Float Foods Alt Egg Beats Plant-Based Leaders to Win World Food Innovation Award

Float Foods, the Singapore vegan egg start-up, has been awarded ‘Best Health or Wellness Food’ at the World Food Innovation Awards 2022 for its plant-based OnlyEg White formulation. The egg alternative beat finalists in the same category such as ALDI and Heura Foods. In its eighth annual edition, the awards ceremony was held during the International Food and Drink Exhibition, with the judging panel including senior food industry figures, including from Selfridges and Mission Ventures. Float Foods’ OnlyEg White was awarded ‘Best Health or Wellness Food’, with the company claiming it is the world’s first 100% plant-based egg white substitute offering the equivalent protein content of a conventional chicken egg white. In addition to the OnlyEg Yolk and White formulations made from legumes, Float Foods’ …


Fumi Ingredients

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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

FUMI Ingredients Receives €500,000 Funding for Egg Whites Made of Upcycled Beer Yeast

FUMI Ingredients, a Dutch startup upcycling used beer yeast from breweries, has created what it claims to be the world’s first vegan and non-GMO egg-white replacer. Innovation Industries and SHIFT Invest are the first to invest €500,000, which enables the company to scale their vegan proteins and become market ready. The company developed its innovative egg-white replacer from a single cell protein using a unique proprietary approach to transform naturally occurring micro-organisms, and says that their natural egg alternative is more cost effective than regular egg whites. Egg whites have a global market size of $30 billion, so a cost-effective and more sustainable alternative represents a lucrative business opportunity – some of the world’s largest food producers have already shown their interest to the company. …