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Ecotricity Founder to Launch “World’s First” Electric Airline, Serving Only Plant-Based Meals

Dale Vince, the founder of British renewable energy firm Ecotricity, has announced plans to launch what he claims will be the world’s first electric airline. Called Ecojet, the airline will use conventional planes retrofitted with hydrogen-electric powertrains. On-board fuel cells will produce electricity by mixing hydrogen with oxygen from the air, producing only water as a byproduct. This will generate the same power output as conventional aircraft, but with a one-hundred percent reduction in CO2 emissions. There will also be other carbon-saving measures on board; all inflight meals will be plant-based, there will be no single-use plastic, and staff members will be issued with eco-friendly uniforms. Ecojet flights will begin next year between Edinburgh and Southampton, though conventional fuel will initially be used to help …


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Liux Develops Electric Car Made With 90% Plant-Based and Recycled Materials

Spanish electric vehicle startup Liux has revealed that it is developing a car called the Animal, with 90% of the materials used either plant-based or recycled. The Animal’s interior, body, and some of the chasse are made from bio-polymers, which are produced using organic fibres and resins. Specifically, the outer “amphibian skin” features cork and linen reinforced with organic resin. This skin is then finished with primer and paint. The parts and moulds for the bodywork and chassis are 3D-printed, which reduces the energy required and the carbon emissions produced by 70%. Simple components make the vehicle easy to assemble, disassemble, repair, and recycle, reducing the volume of materials required by 25%. The Animal will travel at a top speed of 200 km/h, with a …



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Beyond Meat Partners With Einride to Introduce Electric Vehicles to US Fleet

Swedish freight technology company Einride is working with Beyond Meat to provide digital, electric transportation solutions to its US operations, in a bid to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions whilst reducing operational costs and increasing transportation capacity. Initially, Einride is to deploy five electric trucks as well as develop and install the associated charging infrastructure, then over the following five years will scale the e-trucks across Beyond Meat’s operations in the US. Similarly, Einride collaborated with Oatly back in 2020 to provide electric vehicles for the Swedish market. “Achieving a sustainable future requires collaboration and cooperation among brands from every industry and we’re thrilled to add Beyond Meat to our growing network of U.S. companies committed to creating a clean and efficient supply chain,” said …


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New Electric Volvo C40 is Completely Leather-Free

The future of Volvo Cars is electric and, at least in this model, free of animal suffering, because the new electric Volvo C40 is the first model to be completely leather-free. The C40 Recharge is based on the CMA vehicle platform and is the first Volvo model in history to be designed as an all-electric vehicle. As early as 2025, 50 per cent of global sales are expected to be all-electric cars, with hybrids making up the rest. By 2030, according to various estimates, every car sold could be a purely electric-based car. “The C40 Recharge represents the future of Volvo and shows where we are going,” said Henrik Green, Chief Technology Officer. “It is fully electric, will only be offered online with a convenient …